Just how fast was Tony Campana's inside the parker?


Even the most jaded, bitter Cub Fan could find joy in Tony Campana's inside the park home run yesterday.

Of course, the guy who misplayed Camapna's ball was Reds 3rd-string first baseman Yonder Alonso.
But lets take nothing away from Campana, because this play was fantastic.

Starlin Castro leads off the bottom first with a single, the only bad thing about that was it wasn't Koyie Hill so we could have seen Campana lap him...
Uh, anyway then lefty Campana hits a liner the opposite way past 3rd base that gets by Alonso as 40 Cub Fans point and yell, "Hey, the ball's over Yonder!" (sorry, couldn't help it)
And in a flash Campana was around all the bases for his first home run in the Bigs.
I didn't see it live, but I watched the replay at Cubs.com a bunch of times and then I thought man, how fast does he really get around those bases?
Got out a stop watch.
Okay, this is SOOOOOO imperfect (did they edit it? don't think so based on Len's call), but still interesting and you can do it yourself.
About 14.4 seconds.
To run 90 feet 4 times and then suffer the indignity of having one of your team mates pick you up like a child in the dugout.
This little gif above is actually semi-accurate - it takes that dot about 14.4 seconds to move about 4 inches.
Okay so 4 into 14.4 equals...uh...3.6.
Tony Camapna takes 3.6 seconds to run 90 feet?
Is that even possible?
Considering he's got to slow down to go around the turns and everything?
Somebody at TCR knows about these things, please tell me.
I can barely lift a Budweiser from my lap to my mouth in 3.6 seconds, and that's only if I'm afraid it's getting warm.

So...Cubs 4 Reds 3.
Perhaps adding to my fear for the future, the Cubs win their 6th in a row.
But Tyler Colvin gets a homer and Starlin Castro, a Chicago Cub, gets his NL-leading 146th hit.
The kids were pretty awesome yesterday.


So if Tony Campana could get about 300 at bats a year (right now he is at 101
at bats) what do we
think the stats would be ?

Except for the speed the guy seems like a marginal talent. If he had an amazing eye at the plate and could get on via the walk he would improve his value but he's a Cub and apparently that's not something they stress. Or have even read about. He has zero pop and no arm. He's a fifth outfielder. Good to have a guy with that kind of speed on the roster but not a starter by any means.

Too bad he didn't come along in the 70s with all the artificial turf fields. He could have learned to beat the ball into the ground for 75 infield hits a year.

Righty on the mound for the Reds, and Q starts three right handed hitters in the outfield?? How much longer will we have to live with this joke as a manager? I am to the point that I am hoping the Cubs lose a lot just so they don't bring Q back next year.

Colvin and Slappy are slumping badly, plus they're old so they need a day off following a day game.

Cueto has slight reverse splits for his career and this year, still no excuse not to play one of them today in right field.

I am hoping the Cubs lose a lot just so they don't bring Q back next year.

Welcome to life as a Cubs fan. We're left with hoping the team loses just so management might, might, wake up and make a change.

Being a Cubs fan is like the directions for shampoo. Lather, rinse, repeat.

47 pitches through 2 innings for Zambrano - good day to stretch out the bullpen.

I like that there have been 7 baserunners through the first two innings, yet dual no hitters are going.

If Dusty lets Phillips stay in the game, he's an idiot. Meaningless game, Phillips clearly has a lower leg injury. We've seen this kind of brilliant move by Dusty before.

And he's staying in. Phillips has no range and is grimacing on every step. Phillips just dropped the ball while trying to turn a double play. He was so slow to get to the bag it was questionable if he could have turned two, but he once again grimaced in pain as he planted his right foot on the bag and dropped the ball at the same time. It appears to be a right ankle injury.

Vitters homered and is up to .282 and slugging about .450. Zeke DeVoss has walked and doubled in three PA's, playing second for Boise.

I guess the jury is still out on whether or not "Camp Colvin" helped Vitters this year. Maybe it will be the difference late in the season.

Vitters line prior to the game today// .278 .316 .441

Vs his minor league career averages//
.276 .317 .437

I don't think Vitters would be a major disappointment if he managed that line in the big leagues. I think everyone projected his ceiling to be a 300 hitter with 25-30 HR.

Anyone who has tracked Vitters minor league journey knows that he was moved fast, which has diminished his career numbers. If he was allowed to finish out seasons once he got hot everyone would have a hard on for him moreso than Brett Jackson.

Ryan Braun is who we were hoping for... looks more like we got Charlie Hayes, but that's not the end of the world.

I'd settle for Willie Mays Hayes.

I'd settle for the actor that PLAYED Cerrano

if he can stick at 3rd he'd be worth the time and slot invested, imo.

turns 21 in a few weeks...he's got some growing to do still.

Submitted by crunch on Sun, 08/07/2011 - 8:57am.
if he can stick at 3rd he'd be worth the time and slot invested, imo.

turns 21 in a few weeks...he's got some growing to do still.


CRUNCH: Most organizations would have moved Josh Vitters to a corner OF spot by now.

BTW, if Vitters had opted to attend college (he had signed an NLI with Arizona State) instead of signing with the Cubs out of HS in 2007, he would have finished his junior year at ASU last year and would have been eligible for the Rule 4 Draft again for the first time since 2007 in June 2010.

And if the Cubs had drafted him again in 2010 (let's say), he would probably have been at Boise (or maybe Peoria) by the end of last season, and at Daytona right now. So he is ahead of where he otherwise would have been had he played college ball.

The Cubs have been very aggressive with promoting Vitters, which has resulted in him struggling when he first arrives at the next-higher level, before settling in and adjusting. But each time he has been promoted he has adjusted, and that's why it is not a stretch to expect Vitters to also adjust to MLB once he gets there.

Thanks AP, I think this is the most promising write-up we've seen on Vitters in awhile.

"turns 21 in a few weeks"

He's young, but not that young. Born in late August '89, turns 22 in a few weeks.

oops and etc and thnx.

Sorry can't get excited for a guy who runs around with a .320 OBP in the minors. It's the minors, he is supposed to be a top prospect and he still can't get on base or anything remotely close to a top level prospect.

He is being promoted like Jackson, because the system is full of shit players. It's not because he is awesome, or because of his talents.

I agree that he's been promoted too quickly. The lack of time to consolidate at a level has depressed his career numbers. I think he's better than his stats indicate. He is similar to Castro in that he doesn't strikeout much or walk much. We'll see what happens, but I certainly wouldn't give up on him at this point.

"I agree that he's been promoted too quickly. The lack of time to consolidate at a level has depressed his career numbers."

I agree with sentence #2, but not sentence #1.

What difference do his career minor-league numbers make? He's not in the minors to get straight A's, but to get to the majors as quickly as possible.

If he had stayed at Peoria in '09, and at Daytona in '10, he would be exactly where he is now, finishing up a full season at Tennessee.

What difference do his career minor-league numbers make? He's not in the minors to get straight A's, but to get to the majors as quickly as possible.

No, he's in the minors to develop so that when he reaches the majors he is a valuable player, not Kevin Orie.

What difference do his career minor-league numbers make?

I was replying to a post that claimed Vitters minor league numbers are not good. In any case, I think if you agree that he's been rushed, you would also agree that being rushed would likely lead to poorer numbers than staying in one place and dominating.

What difference do his career minor-league numbers make?

written by someone who does nothing but look at the minor league box scores and stats

By necessity. It's true I don't like to rely on internet "scouts," who I suspect are mainly looking at the same box scores and tables as I am.

I know that there's more to prospecthood than numbers, I'm just not sure what to do about it. I have argued that it's worth looking at postseason all-star teams, which is a single team, not a pair of teams, that is selected by managers, coaches, scorers, reporters--people who have actually seen the players play. I thought it was meaningful, for example, that Barney was named to the PCL team last year, indicating that he was the league's best shortstop. You didn't necessarily get that from the numbers.

Then there are players who get promoted aggressively and always seem to be in over their heads. Vitters, maybe. Samardzija, for sure. But the reason they get promoted is that the organization really likes them. The organization should know, since it sees the player every day. I don't. Samardzija was never on my radar when I was looking for pitchers who had more strikeouts than hits allowed. In 485 minor-league innings, Samardzija gave up 486 hits--not bad--but only struck out 339. He was always pretty low in my rankings. This year in the majors, in 63.2 innings, he has given up 47 hits while striking out 66. Nice! Sometimes you have to trust the organization to know what they're doing.

Another example might be LeMahieu versus Flaherty. Objectively, with defensive versatility similar to LeMahieu's and better power numbers, Flaherty is the better prospect. But I'm pretty sure the organization likes LeMahieu better.

Of course, if management is all idiots, then it's a waste of time to analyze their actions. But I continue to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Vitters stats always seemed to remind me of Jeff Francouer.

"Vs his minor league career averages//
.276 .317 .437"

Somewhat misleading to quote his career averages, since he never went anywhere and actually hit those numbers--until this year. Two previous seasons, his numbers are up at the beginning of the season, then down after getting a promotion. Last year he hit .223/.292/.383 at Tenn, in a decent number of plate appearances, 228. This season at Tenn he's .284/.321/.455. I've been watching him for several weeks and I don't see the slump-proneness (consecutive days without a hit) that he always showed. This is the first time he's had a good August and a good second half. Something has changed, whereas I think the point you're trying to make by citing the aggregate numbers is that nothing has changed.

double post

Oops, you're off on a tangent. What I was talking about was the benefits of Camp Colvin. In the cases of Colvin and LeMahieu it was obvious. They were hot right out of the box in the Spring. But with Vitters we may be seeing the benefits now, at the end of the season.

In fact, after last nights game, Vitters line has jumped above his career averages .284 .321 .455

I was hoping to check the progress of the other 18 Cubs players that attended Camp Colvin this year but can NOT find a list.

Do you know who they are?

Apparently not.

I can't find a list, let alone a complete list. The problem is that the camp seems to go on in December and January, when Mesa is not populated by beat reporters. Fleita will sometimes be asked about the camp during the winter meetings or the Cub Convention. Here is Bruce Miles in December:

Farm director Oneri Fleita said about 12 players are attending a strength and conditioning camp in Mesa, Ariz., the club has named after outfielder Tyler Colvin.

Fleita said big-leaguers Ryan Dempster, Jeff Samardzija and Darwin Barney are at the camp along with minor-league prospects.

Here is blogger Neil in Chicago Cubs Online in January:

The Cubs handpicked ten guys according to Oneri to participate in "Camp Colvin" earlier in the off-season. Darwin Barney, D.J LeMahieu and Logan Watkins were among the players and Ryan Dempster showed up as well.

Before long 38 guys will be participating in what's been dubbed "Camp Colvin."

When LeMahieu was there he put on 20 pounds and Barney added 18 pounds. Fleita jokingly said, why didn't we think of this 10 years ago.

Tim Wilken pointed out that is the reason he stresses athleticism in the draft and amateur signings. It is called "Projection Scouting."

When LeMahieu was drafted he checked in at 6'4" and 195 pounds. D.J. is up to 220. Wilken pointed out guys are going to get bigger and stronger. "Projection will come to fruition," according to Wilken.

Josh Vitters has been out at "Camp Colvin." The Cubs feel he was really going in the right direction last year before an injury ended his season. Fleita explained that sometimes high school kids take awhile. Vitters started coming out of his shell and was interacting with his teammates.

Apart from Colvin, of course--who I assume was in attendance--the players named are having pretty strong seasons. Watkins is having something of a breakout year, especially if you start counting on June 1.

Sorry, that's all I could find.

fwiw...it's a program developed by the organization rather than colvin...well, specifically tim buss and another strength/conditioning coach for the minors. supposedly other coaches have been showing up earlier than expected in recent years helping out some of the early "camp colvin" attendees.

I was at the game yesterday and Campana is FAST! I watched the hit, saw it get by Alonso and then looked to see where Campana was and he was already halfway to third.

All that said, it was inexcuseable for him not to catch the pop-up fly ball hit by Mike Leake that led to 2 runs. First of all, he was playing him (being a pitcher) WAY too deep and then must have gotten a horrible jump because the ball was hanging up in the wind and it landed about 60 feet outside the infield. With his speed, he should have caught it running in instead of having to lay out. That was poor... but the catch up against the wall was very nice!!

Maybe, just maybe, he was positioned out there by Q-ball's quack qoaching team.

Leake is a .299 career hitter. And he is a klepto.

chirinos (tb) goes 2 for 3 tonight to bring his avg up to .300 and ob% near the .400 mark in 45 plate appearances. nice.

he's also given up 21 sb/2 cs in 94 innings behind the plate. ow.

Rob mentioned the SB numbers the other day. I checked and Jaso also has pretty bad numbers. I suspect part of that is the staff. His minor league numbers were no great shakes, but not that bad.

i suspect it's chin's crappy arm...

that said, he's not so bad that he should give up 200+sb a season like his current projection. giving up 7sb like last night won't help, though.

Could be, but why didn't have have the problem in the minors then?

i pretty much believe he did...you don't think he did...we had this conversation months ago.

he's doing nothing to change my mind with 21sb in 94 innings...i don't care if leo mazzone is the pitching coach (the king of "who cares about the runner on 1st)...even if 1/2 of that is staff issues (which is hugely generous) 10sb in 94 innings would be alarming.

Shrug, if everyone who catches for the Rays goes from poor to acceptable at throwing out stealers to awful..., I will go with the most reasonable explanation.

446.2ip - 14sb/14cs - shopvac
450.1ip - 39sb/7cs - jaso

94ip - 21sb/2cs - chinnuts

jaso isn't awesome, but he never was. guy has a horrid arm. jaso also had horrible minors #s doing it...more obvious than chin's if you want to go by just numbers...watching him as a d.bull years ago i've seen plenty of it in action. he's a better hitter than he's showing this year...

took a look at some game logs

last night 5 SB's were off Alex Cobb, 2 off Juan Cruz (with Coco Crisp doing most of the damage)

his first weekend against the Yanks
2 off Alex Cobb, 3 off J. Hellickson, 4 off David Price

The David Price one is a little surprising, but I don't know if he's more Andy Petitte or more Rich Hill at holding runners.

that being said, Maddon defends Chirinos at least last night

"Our times to the plate were awful," said Maddon in regards to the less-than-speedy manner in which his pitchers got the ball home. " [Chirinos] had no chance. He had 1.5 [seconds] to the plate."

Maddon explained that 1.5 seconds gives the catcher absolutely no chance to throw the runner out.

"1.3 is average," Maddon said. "Like if you are 1.3 or better, that would be optimal; 1.2, 1.3 would be optimal. And we were like 1.5, and they got us."

Texas carried a 4-3 advantage into the ninth before the Indians rallied against closer Neftali Feliz (1-3), who had his sixth blown save in 28 chances.

Kosuke Fukudome led off the ninth with a double off the glove of right fielder Nelson Cruz, who sprinted back to the warning track and nearly made a spectacular catch.

Ezequiel Carrera's sacrifice bunt moved Fukudome to third, and Lonnie Chisenhall's single to right on a 1-2 pitch drove in Fukudome to tie it.

Of the 124 players to have made their Major League debut this season, eight are former Chiefs players. However only three — Tony Campana .277.313.340, Chris Carpenter 2.79 ERA,and D.J. LeMahieu .243 .243 .270— reached the Cubs roster.

The others this season to reach the Majors are Al Alburquerque (Detroit) 5-1 2.34 ERA, Robinson Chirinos .300.378.425 45PA, Brandon Guyer 1/6 a HR(both Tampa Bay), Erik Hamren (San Diego) 2 ER 4 BB 2.2 IP and Josh Harrison (Pittsburgh) .263 .271.305 30 games. Hamren, a left-handed pitcher on the Chiefs’ 2009 playoff team was called up by the Padres this week.

Submitted by navigator on Sun, 08/07/2011 - 7:02am.
Of the 124 players to have made their Major League debut this season, eight are former Chiefs players. However only three — Tony Campana .277.313.340, Chris Carpenter 2.79 ERA,and D.J. LeMahieu .243 .243 .270— reached the Cubs roster.

The others this season to reach the Majors are Al Alburquerque (Detroit) 5-1 2.34 ERA, Robinson Chirinos .300.378.425 45PA, Brandon Guyer 1/6 a HR(both Tampa Bay), Erik Hamren (San Diego) 2 ER 4 BB 2.2 IP and Josh Harrison (Pittsburgh) .263 .271.305 30 games. Hamren, a left-handed pitcher on the Chiefs’ 2009 playoff team was called up by the Padres this week.


GATOR: Erik Hamren is a RHP. He didn't show much as a RH middle-reliever in his two seasons in the Cubs organization, and he spent the 2010 season in Indy Ball before getting a second chance with SD this season.

BTW, an interesting thing about Al Alburquerque is that although the Cubs did trade him for Jeff Baker in 2009, they could have got him back by claiming him off waivers when the Rockies outrighted him to the minors in April 2010, and even if they didn't claim him off waivers at that time, he also was available to all MLB clubs as a minor league 6yFA post-2010.

:^) thanks for the correction.

You'd think a sportswriter in Peoria would know the details.


SS Castro, LF Campana, 3B Ramy, 1B Pena, CF Byrd, 2B DeWitt, C Soto, RF Colvin, P Wells

dewitt is getting a decent amount of play time recently for a guy that was almost non-existent for a while...3 out the last 4 games he's found a way to get a start.

and wtf is with lou/quade and soto's lineup position? it's one lou-thing i hoped quade wouldn't carry over. i get that he's slow, but he's slotted to get set up by guys who can't set up anything (even situational) too frequently.

Not that I think Quade is really this sharp, but Soto has really struggled against curve balls this year, and that used to be Arroyo's go to pitch.

On DeWitt, it may be that the Cubs are starting to realize a .303 wOBA isn't getting it done at second with Barney.

I doubt both, but they Cubs did hire that one stats guy, maybe someone is reading the reports.

they do need to at least figure out if it's worth paying dewitt to stick around another year...especially since they seem to be committed to baker...pretty much the same role being held by 2 guys.

That's probably it. DeWitt is kind of like a Barney with bad hands-- at least that's what he showed on the field early. And if you play him to take another look at his infield skills, the batting order doesn't really take a hit with Barney out.

I wish that's what they were doing. If so we would see Colvin every day instead of ReJo

i honestly don't think they're doing that as some kind of policy. i just think it's nice they're at least seeing if dewitt's worth paying $500K-???K next year (1st arb year)...unless they've already made up their mind.

as much as i'm not thrilled with colvin they have to do something about RF next year...and if early rumors are true most of the loot in 2012 should be going to 1st and a SP (barring a miracle trade).

Submitted by crunch on Sun, 08/07/2011 - 5:20pm.
i honestly don't think they're doing that as some kind of policy. i just think it's nice they're at least seeing if dewitt's worth paying $500K-???K next year (1st arb year)...unless they've already made up their mind.

as much as i'm not thrilled with colvin they have to do something about RF next year...and if early rumors are true most of the loot in 2012 should be going to 1st and a SP (barring a miracle trade).


CRUNCH: Finding a Top-of-the-Rotation starter via trade or FA after this season is not going to be easy, but one thing the Cubs can do in-house is move Sean Marshall back to the starting rotation next season (at Spring Training). Marshall was developed as a starting pitcher in the minors and was a starter (at least part-time) for the Cubs in 2007-09, and he is a better pitcher now than he was then.

While moving Marshall to the starting rotation would leave a hole in the bullpen, James Russell and either Scott Maine, John Gaub, or Jeff Beliveau should be able to provide the Cubs with a couple of adequate/capable lefty relievers (if not an 8th inning set-up guy to replace Marshall), and it should be easier to find an 8th inning set-up man/back-up closer to replace Marshall than it would be to to acquire a starting pitcher via trade or FA in what should be a rather mediocre SP market post-2011.

Marshall will be a FA post-2012, so I would think he would be thrilled to get a shot at being a starter again next season as he approaches free-agency, since free-agent starting pitchers make more money than do relief pitchers (even really good ones like Marshall).

And the Cubs could offer him arbitration, and get draft picks if he - nevermind

this is at least promising as far as being a cub one day for m.szczur (via his twitter)

"superSZCZ4 Matt Szczur
LOVE day games!
2 hours ago"


"superSZCZ4 Matt Szczur
Just a matter of time when people will start pronouncing my last name right
4 Aug"


Too many vowels in that name. Matt needs to kewl up and drop the "u"

How the heck DO you pronounce his name??

Ceasar - like the Julius one...

Saw it in Vineline literally 10 minutes after I posted...


How the heck DO you pronounce his name??


Jethro Q. Walrustitty

"Yonder Alonso suffered an ankle injury when he stepped on sprinkler head while chasing a fly ball in Saturday's game."

also, cairo is supposedly unavailable today (oblique)...and janish starting for b.phillips who is probably not available, dunno though.

I vote Yonder Alonso most likely outfielder to take a ball in the face.

woo basesballs.

randy wells...how much you wanna get paid next year? step up.

step up...fail.

from Bruce Miles

...The vibe I've been getting is that a solid starting pitcher will be atop the winter shopping list, whether trade or free agency.

Cole Hamels seems like a solid guy to me.

The Cubs need a couple of #1 starters to make this team winners.

Ricketts needs to to go to the state legislature and demand the money.

The Cubs need a couple of #1 starters to make this team winners.

Ricketts needs to to go to the state legislature and demand the money.

Just send Quade there to throw a tantrum like when he talks to umpires. They'll either give him the money to shut up or have him arrested.

bob brenley reveals that as a manager he wore his full uniform, including cup.


"i threw batting practice" etc. etc. "i was on the field a lot" etc. etc. "balls flying everywhere" lulz etc.

The other great BB quote...?

"Hm, a Yankees-Red Sox game on national tv, imagine that."

cubs tie in the 7th...woos.

and take the lead on a wild pitch! woos.

and CIN takes the lead in the 8th. anti-woos.

Remember when Wood, Marhsall and Marmol were reliable? That was nice.

Parachat anyone for the last inning and a half.

I'll be hanging out.

Brett Jackson with two HRs today. That's 7 at Iowa in 24 games, 17 total in 91 games.

Jackson just turned 23, so that will be his league age next year. (One year older than Vitters.)

Ruh roh, Greg Rohan homered twice as well, and Jokisch pitched well again for Peoria.

Yeah, I was thinking about Rohan a little earlier. He's one of those guys who won't go away, even though he's not getting much encouragement from the Cubs. After doing fine at Peoria in his first full season last year, they sent him back again this year. He's 25, but if you're drafted at 23, what age do they expect you to be when you get in hailing distance of the majors?

They finally promote him to Daytona a couple of weeks ago, and he has 6 homers and a full set of gaudy numbers in 18 games. He's starting to be interesting because the Cubs have a shortage of righty-hitting outfield prospects just now. (Wait a minute, I know I had one here somewhere--oh, yeah, that was Brandon Guyer.) If they dump Soriano and if Johnson's back forces him to retire, then there's Marlon Byrd and not much else until you get to Ha at Tennessee and Szczur and Crawford at Daytona. Rohan could step into that mix.

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  • I am right there with you closing in on 60.

    I don't care that much about "mortgaging" one player who is not only blocked by two guys, but is not ready to hit the majors for at least a couple years.

    There is no reason why this team, this year, can't have a real shot at something NONE of us have experienced.

    Further, I don't feel that even if they fall short that they have ruined their farm system.

    I have made my opinion clear here, with others, Warren was shit on the Cubs save one spot start.

    The E-Man 12 min 48 sec ago view
  • Trading for Warren, Warren sucking, getting Warren back for Chapman plus 3 prospects, sounds like Revenge of The Yankees on the former Boston executive. Old rivalries never die.

    I pray to the heavens above Chapman doesn't suck for some reason, or he'll be booed out of town faster than a Todd Hundley revival meeting.

    Old and Blue 20 min 27 sec ago view
  • I'm kind of nostalgic for the Schwarber-for-Miller rumors.

    Brick 32 min 11 sec ago view
  • This offseason, after some ridiculous playoff run and Chapman saving every game from here until the end of the postseason striking out 27/9innings, I welcome anyone to quote this thread and call me a dummy: I hate this trade, and my hate is 2 parts Chapman makes this team less likeable and 1 part that's a ridiculous overpay for 30 regular season innings and, at tops, 10 postseason innings. Already hoping they don't extend him.

    Charlie 34 min ago view
  • btw...Thanks AZ Phil. I'm really enjoying your take on this trade.

    Cubster 56 min 19 sec ago view
  • I'm a bit disappointed on the Warren experience. Essentially they gave Castro away for crickets (OK, well they signed Zobrist with the Castro salary dump). Otherwise one might look at it as Chapman for Castro and our #1 minors prospect (Torres) + McKinney/Crawford. Seems pricey for a 2 month rental. We will see if this price tag is that steep in a relative way based on the remaining deadline deals for relievers.

    Cubster 56 min 47 sec ago view
  • Yep. One of the great things about this team (in addition to being really good at baseball) was the "likable" factor. Feels a bit different now. Who knows...maybe Chapman will be the king of the dance parties.

    billybucks 1 hour 5 min ago view
  • Here are some possible corresponding minor league moves we might see in the aftermath  of the Chapman trade: 

    SOUTH BEND to MYRTLE BEACH: OF Donnie Dewees and INF Bryant Flete  

    EUGENE to SOUTH BEND: OF Robert Garcia and INF Vimael Machin 

    There is really no reason to replace Billy McKinney at Tennessee because both Chris Coghlan and Jorge Soler are doing their rehab at Tennessee.  

    And there are plenty of pitchers at Iowa. No need to replace Warren at AAA. .  

    Arizona Phil 1 hour 25 min ago view
  • I am 70 years old. The Cubs last played in the World Series in 1945. I was born in 1946. I hate to lose a prospect like Torres, but when the opportunity is there to get that World Series ring, you go for it. This was the idea in stock piling all this young talent. I would like to see Reddick added now and the Cubbies should be done.

    Hagsag 1 hour 56 min ago view
  • I would expect Richard to accept an optional assignment because based on how he's played this season, there is a decent chance that he won't find work elsewhere. Rather stay and potentially get a ring. Same goes for Coghlan since he's struggled mightily this year.

    Edwards should not go down. He's pitched very well and Maddon is very impressed with him. I would expect Grimm to go down for Cahill so he can get back on track (he's pitched better in July, but he's not getting enough appearances).

    chitownmvp01 1 hour 59 min ago view
  • chitownmvp01: Indeed Clayton Richard would seem to be odd man out once Chapman reports, but Richard might accept a minor league assignment if he is promised a return to Chicago on 9/1 when MLB Active List rosters expand (Richard has minor league ioptions left).

    Arizona Phil 2 hours 2 min ago view
  • The only player in the deal that would cause me a second thought is Gleyber Torres.

    McKinney and Crawford are decent prospects but both are redundant/replaceable in the system and Warren was really only a middle-reliever or #6 starter, so to me it's really just Torres for Chapman.

    Arizona Phil 2 hours 23 min ago view
  • There is no Comp pick for players traded mid-season. 2+ months of Chapman is it.

    mbauer 2 hours 25 min ago view
  • to get one of the best you have to give up one/some of your best...but it's a bit painful to watch the system's best prospect walk for any 2-3 month rental, especially one that's not an everyday player.

    crunch 2 hours 27 min ago view
  • I assume Chapman will replace Richard on the roster, but who goes down when Cahill gets activated? Maybe Grimm?

    And when Soler and Coghlan get healthy, how do they fit them on the roster when they're ready to be activated?

    chitownmvp01 2 hours 31 min ago view
  • We are giving up a lot, but it's not like we're trading Addison Russell for 2+ months of Jason Hammel. When impact players become available, they are going to cost you. The other bids could also have been high.

    Having Chapman as a rental is potentially less disruptive than having him come in with an extension in place. 

    CTSteve 2 hours 32 min ago view