Lou Piniella RANT

Yeah, we're all pretty sick of the 2010 Cubs. But just for a moment, imagine being Lou Piniella.

Close your eyes and just... imagine having to walk into the little "how come" room and explain this team to the media.

It has to be the absolute worst kind of hell.

Seriously, if you made a movie and had to depict hell, what better place than that little room? Day after day after day...

Now, I don't know exactly what he's thinking, but I would imagine it would be something close to this.

I'd give a million bucks to have a beer with the man, hear it for real...


You can view Tim Souers work on a daily basis at Cubby Blue.


Maybe if the reporters asked him day after day why he batted the two worst RBI guys in the lineup 3 and 4 he would have gotten a clue by, say June 1st.


Over the weekend I heard Len&Bob remark more than once, actually about ten million times, that Cubs hitting has been a problem all season and tailed off as the season progressed -- which is totally untrue. In fact, the Cubs started the season off at the bottom of the league in team batting and now are league average (Cubs-.257 .322 .408 .731 NL- .257 .326 .403 .729). And they rank 6th in home runs with 112.

But somehow, the Cubs have managed* to take an average offense and utilize it to rank 12th/16 in runs scored. I'm guessing that a lot of that falls on Lou-- the manager* and the black hole in the middle of the lineup he keeps penciling in game after game. Not to mention hitting Tyler Colvin first even though he's shown no ability to hit at all at the top of the order and Geo Soto 8th even though he's been around .400 OBP all season.

Yeah, the Cubs are lousy with RISP. It should be no mystery why. That'll happen when your 3 and 4 hitters suck as bad as Lee and Ramirez have.

given the cubs "i give up" record colvin/castro are probably batting 1/2 for no other reason that getting them maximum ABs to prep for 2011.

that said, meh...

who's ready for castro leading off with dewitt hitting 2nd in 2011? woo.

We've seen worse. Not sure why we don't do that now. If we're benching Colvin to get his head straight, why are we trying to maximize his at bats simultaneously?


Seems alright to me.

i wish mr. i can't run to 1st while i'm daydreaming about my winter vacation would have accepted a trade.

if he's going to be like this i hope he's willing to re-up with the cubs for 1yr 5m-ish or something risk reasonable...and shows up ready to have his head checked in a bit more.

i dont expect hoff or snyder to be suitable replacements, but dlee is a bit of a distraction, imo.

I think Byrd should hit higher. He's not a real number 3 in most other lineups but we don't have that type of hitter right now, unless you consider ARam to be a number 3 hitter when healthy. I always thought ARam to be better suited as a 3 hitter than DLee even when they were both in their prime. ARam makes more contact.

1b retread

lou raised his voice a few times and they got scared.

if you listen to post game, the media sound like a 7 year old asking to cross the street.

Yeah I agree with this. I wonder if there will be "ding dong the witch is dead" tweets after his final game of the year from our fine press corp.

Is AZ Phil on vacation or something?

I miss his reports and insight.

Me too!

very lengthy article on Tom Ricketts from the Univ of Chicago Alumni magazine



Lou: Not the Cub's biggest problem. A legit team has players that know and do their job. A manager basically manages personalities at this level.

Not the Cubs biggest problem, but his awful lineups this season has surely cost them several games. It's not like they'd be .500 though.

No lou is not.

But if i'm soto, i ' m wondering why i' m batting 8th.
If i'm z i'm wondering why i got shipped to the bullpen.
If i'm colvin i'm wondering why i was on bench behind nada for a month.
If i'm sori and byrd i'm wondering why don't get one game batting 3/4.

Lot more questions tham answers from lou.

But hey whatta you gonna do?

I see we have the first baseman sub for Lee batting third again tonight.

Wow, 4 first inning runs vs. Lincecum. If the Cubs hold true to form, they're done scoring for the evening. Demp better be able to make the 4 runs hold up.

and the cubs are trying hard to blow it...4-1, 2 on, 1 out

someone out there needs to pull castro's choke collar, too.

he's given LA hits in the past 2 games trying to play the OF from SS and blocking the OF'rs from making plays...and his stupid throws keep coming. hardcore superman syndrome even if he's not some egomaniac.

-edit- woo, double play

You do know that OFers are allowed to call an infielder off, right?

i dunno if mlb.com has the replays, but if they do they'll show 1-2 guys standing or jogging while a youngblood coming full force and top speed missiles himself into the play regardless of who's calling what.

it'd be like stepping in front of a truck...well, a car...well, a motorcycle...a honda.

Did you watch the game last night? Soriano seems to think his job is to run around not catching anything.

He did a nice job making off line throws though.

im talking about specific plays where castro decided he covers the entire field and kept OF'rs from making plays.

it's just youthful over-aggression and not knowing how certain fields (even his current home field) plays with great familiarity.

i'm not calling the kid trash...i'm just saying he needs to recognize his limits as well as the talents of those he plays with.

The last thing I'm gonna worry about is a flashy 20 year old shortstop prone to overhustling.

Amen brutha. Who really gives a shit if he makes a couple stupid plays as a 20 year old because he's TRYING TOO HARD.

Damn that Castro for trying too hard.

If an outfielder is "kept from making plays," that's their fault.

Well, if the outfielders are calling him off and he ignores them then it's Castro's fault.

You all are ignoring the obvious: it's Michael Barrett's fault.

Reds and Cardinals finally got into a fight tonight after the stuff Phillips said. For a baseball fight it was actually somewhat entertaining. And Larussa and Baker were ejected. Video at the link.


FONTAIN! He's awake!

Ooh look... another passed ball by Koyie "defensive wizard" Hill. And then an error on by the Micah "slick first baseman" Hoffpauir.

Please tell me that those two won't be anywhere close to the Cubs big league team next year...

Sample size, anyone?

I never said that it was a meaningful sample.

They both suck, and last night was just more evidence. I don't want them to have anything to do with the Cubs next year.

Also... I wasn't using statistics, so "samples" are not very relevant.

An error is a statistic. You were using one error to dismiss the possibility that Hoffpauir is a slick fielding first basemen.

No... I was being sarcastic, and was hardly trying to prove a point based on one game.

And I still think that both K. Hill and Hoffpauir suck.

"where the hell was i going with this?" - bob brenley after a rambling story

hahahaha. highlight of the game...besides the 1st inning.

"i feel a little bit like ron santo right now." - bob brenley

"this might come as a shock to some of our viewers, but you're human." - len kasper

...and 20 minutes later + unrelated...

"wait, that didn't come out right. i don't dream about being in prison." - len

Damn you Colvin! Ugh.

Len must have been dreaming about having to watch Koyie Hill start the next two weeks.

"i feel a little bit like ron santo right now." - bob brenley

That is awesome... did he really say that?

"where the hell was i going with this?" - bob brenley after a rambling story


buster posey just got a double for no f'n reason what-so-ever besides official scoring off what should have been an error.

at least it doesnt put us closer to WAS with the most errors in mlb...

holy crap that was a clunker...horrible scoring not to call it an error, too.

hey awesome...passed ball k.hill...never seen that before...scored a wild pitch on cashner, not arguing that one.

9th inning and we're falling apart again.

Update: Nice to see Marmol settle down and shut them down.

Yeah, they weren't really getting good contact off of Marmol (a lot of stuff off the end of bats, falling out of gloves, dribbling up the middle) but Marmol wasn't making anybody look sick like he usually does. Suddenly, the Giants got two runs and have the winning run at the plate and Marmol gets royally pissed off -- he blows three straight fastballs past Uribe (swinging), then gets two feeble swings from Ishikawa before making him dribble the ball to 1st.

You could really see the difference that the extra adrenaline made on the quality of his pitches. One minute they were fighting him off and getting wood on the ball, to a greater or lesser degree, and the next minute they suddenly looked over-matched and pitiful.

Damn entertaining!

little late, but...

nice work on the animated .gif

Probably old news: Cards & Reds brawl over those comments made by Brandon Phillips (w video):


In other news... Brennaman is kind of a douche, even when I agree with him. He's a very hateable person.

...and Molina. Just do what a respectable team would do and give Phillips a fastball to the spleen.


Maybe if the reporters asked him day after day why he batted the two worst RBI guys in the lineup 3 and 4 he would have gotten a clue by, say June 1st.

Brilliant after the fact insight. Lee and Ramirez are the teams best hitters, period. People wanted Soriano released to start this season, or at the very least buried at the bottom of the lineup. People got most of their wish and i think he has been wasted hitting 6th for our team.

You pay Lee, Ramirez, and Soriano to drive in runs and score them. Your team lives and dies by what they do. Switching them out of the #3 and #4 spot to be replaced by who? Fukudome? Byrd? Ohhhh wait Tyler "one year wonder" Colvin? We wouldn't of won more games by doing any of that, because our team needed Lee, Ramirez, and Soriano's combined production to win the division. It sucks 2 out of the 3 decided to have a bad year and the 3rd got buried in the lineup because of knee jerk reactions.

Come on dude arm chair managing is easy when you already know the outcome. Which is exactly where you comment comes from.

People wanted Soriano released to start this season

Name one.

And the reply button is your friend.

Sorry don't remember the names, but i do chime in time to time wondering why Soriano is still on the Cubs if he was so finished and washed up that he needed to be released ASAP according to some. Tyler Colvin is his successor afterall and the man deemed to take over his position.

I have had far more confidence in Castro's ability to hit than Colvin's. I have had less confidence in Castro's defense being a massive upgrade over Theriot, that little myth hasn't become reality yet despite everyone saying it is so. I have no doubt he has the skills to be better, but right now? No way in hell.

I want Colvin to play every single day so he can get exposed as a fluke and we don't go into next year hoping on his production. Because your going to get a massive Neifi Perez let down when that happens. Where did his power go? Why are his strikeouts up and walks down? Why isn't he hitting? Where is the 2010 Tyler Colvin "Awesome" show? Just get it over with now and don't go depending on something that won't happen with this kid as he goes on the Jerome Walton career path.

Producing talent doesn't mean 1 year wonders, it means producing a talent that contributes heavily to the parent club for many seasons. We still haven't achieved that since Mark Grace in positional talent. And our best hitting prospect in that time? Its more than likely Casey McGehee and he plays for the Brewers.

Just for perspective, the league seemed to have quickly figured out how to get Castro out, but he adjusted and is doing fine. Colvin the league might have had a harder time to figure out, but he hasn't adjusted anything in his game. And probably will not adjust anything, he has always been an aggressive hitter who ignores walks and thats gonna bite him in the ass. You see Castro making the fine tune adjustments needed to be a major league hitter, you don't see that in Colvin.

Like with everything i have time to watch this play out. I remember being the sad lonely Dusty hater even when he was first hired. I knew eventually people would recognize what a shit hole of a manager he was. I can wait on the Tyler Colvin bubble bursting as well.

I am fairly certain that I didn't start complaining about Lee and Ramirez batting 3-4 yesterday. I know I've been complaining about Soto batting 8th since April, but don't let the facts intetrude on your rants, they're much more entertaining this way.

I love the "You're making these conclusions in hindsight, but I can see Castro is better than Colvin" bit too, that's classic.

As to the other things you said about Colvin - he's hitting for about the same isolated power as he has been all season. During July and August he's struck out less often (once per 4 PA's) and walked more often (oncer per 12) than he did in June and May (3.3 and 21) - so really you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

If you don't see the difference between Theriot and Castro's fielding, I don't know what to say. I can only assume you're not watching games. Going by UZR which you can find at Fangraphs - (which I am not a big fan of), it puts Castro at saving about 23 runs more than Theriot over the course of a season - and that's including his errors (but probably not the bad tags on SB's attempts).

Lol..Soriano is only having a good year, when compared to Lee and Ramirez....Soriano has stunk too for a good part of the season..
June: .234/.310/.468
July: .225/.271/.450
August: .188/.229/.375

Poor Alfonso..getting "buried" hitting 6th....and sucking it up too.

"...Tyler "one year wonder" Colvin?"

So, are you going to come back next year and give us the, "The Cubs haven't had any farm-team talent in thirty years..." rant MikeC?

Or will Colvin and Castro then become "TWO year wonders" in your view of things?

We are waiting with bated breath.

I'm far from sold on Colvin at this point. 313 OBP, and his stats have really went south since May. Sub 800 OPS in his Minor league career.

Ultimately I still think he ends up a 4th Outfielder.

Still too early to determine anything, imo.

Personally, IF he can get better command of the strike zone, I think he could start no problem.

Even as a 4th Ofer and I think, as AZ PHIL does that he will be playing more at 1B next year, he will be a productive MLB player for the Cubs or another team.

I don't know what's going to happen with Colvin - most of his recent issues have been from bad luck (read post above - ack no numbers anymore). To me the jury is still out, but he still looks like he's going to have more power than anyone expceted. If he can hit 25 HR's, play really good defense and walk and steal a little more, I can live with 170 strikeout seasons as a pre-arb player.

Because he is capable of playing 1st doesn't mean he should.

Although I do agree he will have MLB value. Even if its just as a 4th outfielder who can defend all 3 positions. That is really the value of Fukudome on an MLB roster today.

"We wouldn't of won more games by doing any of that..."

Dude, don't write "wouldn't of". Seriously.


I liked Trammell's lineup card last night with five left-handed hitters starting. I liked it so much I actually watched the game from about the fifth inning on. I haven't been able to stomach half of very many games this year.

And then another lefty pinch hit and knocked in the deciding runs.

Maybe it's just me, but I've gotten worn down watching right-handed hitters lunge at balls breaking outside. (Well, Soriano doesn't lunge, he just stands up straight and misses.)

There's an easier way to deal with sliders thrown by right-handed pitchers. Just put a balanced lineup out there. Old-fashioned, I know.

The Giants have a nice bullpen but they seem to be mostly righties. I'm glad Trammell noticed. I think he managed a little better than his boss yesterday.

Wellington Castillo makes his big league debut tonight. 1b third, C eighth.

Colvin RF
Castro SS
Nady 1B
Ramirez 3B
Byrd CF
Soriano LF
DeWitt 2B
Castillo C
Gorzelanny P

Woohoo! Fontenot traded to the Giants.

"The Giants acquired Mike Fontenot from the Cubs, according to Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News (on Twitter). The Cubs will obtain minor league infielder Evan Crawford in return (Twitter link). The Cubs are in San Francisco to play the Giants, so Fontenot simply walks over to the Giants clubhouse."


We'll probably be shorthanded tonight unless they called up Barney earlier in the day just in case.

Crawford is an OF, not an INF. He's 21 and in A ball, hitting .255 with little power (although he does have 12 triples) and 108 k's in 442 ab's. 6'2" 167 lbs.


It's been fun, Little Mike!

Fontenot told the Chicago Tribune he's happy with his performance this year:


"Fontenot lost playing time in May when Starlin Castro was called up and Ryan Theriot moved over to short. (2nd base) He said he was happy with his performance this year.

"Yeah, there've been times when I wanted to get out there and play more," he said. "But I've always been a team guy. And things haven't gone the way we wanted them to... in the end, I feel pretty good so far this year."

He's happy with his performance? This is one of the reasons this team sucks, everyone is complacent with mediocrity. 0 hr, 12 rbi in 40 starts this season. .287/.331/.382 as a starter. The avg is the only acceptable thing. His defense was crap, as usual. .969 fielding percentage at 2b. .909 at 3b.

----- 6'2" 167 lbs ---------

you could fit two Fontenots into that. Sounds like a good trade.

Ramirez is now out, with a sore rib cage, and Baker is in. I think the order has been altered a bit too, with Baker in the 6th slot.

Man, with ARam probably not available or preferred to not have to PH, and being down a spot from the Fontenot trade, I would expect Crunch will see his favorite Z pinch hit tonight with runners in scoring position.

well they dont have baker/fontenot to leave on the bench so Z can flail around up there. im not sure if that makes it more likely or not.

John Grabow has been diagnosed with a torn medial collateral ligament and will miss the rest of the 2010 season. Grabow was all set to begin a rehab assignment when he felt a "pop" in his knee on Monday.

yow...and damn.

I think we could say he "missed the 2010 season" entirely even when pitching. He was atrocious.

So every time Lou misses a series Hendry makes a trade.

he walked out of the cubs clubhouse and into the hallway where a CSN bay-area camera followed him on his walk from one clubhouse to his new one.

panda was waiting there to greet him.

it looked like the most awkward thing he's had to do in a long time, but he was smiling.

Panda was actually asking him if he had any food in his pockets.

Did he ask or just pick him up, turn him upside down and start shaking him?


mike fontenot traded away...and blake dewitt busts up his lip so badly they have a delay of game to stop the bleeding coming back into the inning.

File this under money well spent (if you're an orthopedic surgeon)

Per Wittenmeyer tweet...

John Grabow out for rest of season, felt a pop in his knee pitching monday, wed MRI consistent with medial collateral ligament tear.
Mcl tear if isolated (meaning no associated meniscus tear) recovers with rehab only in about 6 weeks

Love that song...pop goes the weasel.

Fuckers, I'm all alone in Parachat. Join me. JOIN ME NOW.

Marlon Byrd -- 11 homeruns, 50 RBIs. Not bad.

He's had 281 runners on base ahead of him and driven in 39, which comes out to 13.9%, worse than Lee, but at least better than Bradley last year (9.7%).

SF team color is black and fontenot had to take a black marker to his "cubbie blue" cleats. he did a real piss-poor hack job of it, too.

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  • rain delay...bah.

    crunch 55 min 54 sec ago view
  • Indians extend their streak.

    Darwin Barney gets tagged with the loss.

    Mornington Crescent 1 hour 2 min ago view
  • delayed until 7:20 -EST- (tarp off the field)...

    CLE/TOR in the top 18th in case you're bored. 2nd baseman r.goins pitching for TOR...hit 90mph so far. 1ip 2h 1bb 0k, 0 r/er (bb was ibb). he threw a fastball/change mix. crowd loved it. d.ross is not impressed.

    d.barney strands j.lake at 2nd in the bottom 18 for the cubs bluejays...to the 19th!

    -cubs game has begun-

    crunch 1 hour 17 min ago view
  • BRADSBEARD: Javier Assad was still pitching into the 6th inning, and the first batter he faced reached base on an E-4 (that was Assad's 70th and final pitch of the game). Then Leathersich relieved Assad and retired the second batter 4-3 on the first pitch of the AB (the runner at 1st base advanced to 2nd on the play), and then on an 0-1 pitch the third batter in the inning (second one faced by Leathersich) lined into an inning-ending 6-4 DP (baserunner doubled off 2nd base). When calculating GO/AO, double plays and triple plays count as only one out. 

    Arizona Phil 1 hour 33 min ago view
  • Wow. The site actually loaded without an error! Happy 4th all, and Go Cubs!

    The E-Man 2 hours 29 min ago view
  • OK -- my 4th of July resolution is to try to stay more positive. So -- 10 games to the AS break, meaning the Cubs will be in first place at the break! First time since...2008? Also, hopefully, Willson, KB and Javy learned something about Familia yesterday that they can use in the future.

    billybucks 3 hours 4 min ago view
  • Hmmm, my math might be fuzzy but if he retired 3 batters with 3 pitches, how did he get a 1/1 GO/AO ratio?

    bradsbeard 4 hours 29 min ago view
  • Pls DFA Peralta when Richard comes back. Richard 1 IP, O R, O ER, 0 BB, 2 Ks in first rehab appearance. We really need to trade for a LHRP.

    chitownmvp01 4 hours 46 min ago view
  • "The Boston Red Sox were banned from signing any international players for the next year and had five of their teenage prospects declared free agents on Friday after a Major League Baseball investigation showed they circumvented signing-bonus rules last year, a source familiar with the situation told Yahoo Sports."


    Rob Richardson 8 hours 25 min ago view
  • The thing with Heyward is its not just free agency. He is way under performing his career #s. He's making the same % of contact but his soft contact is much higher and hard contact much lower than all his previous years so there is something very specifically going on this year causing the issues. Chances are he will eventually get back to his previous #s and it's better to get the slump now and get that hot run later but I wish I knew what is different about this year. He's either just not seeing the ball as well or a swing change is causing it.

    johann 8 hours 41 min ago view
  • Only 3 pitches for Leathersich. Not much of a rehab outing.

    Thanks for the reporting Phil.

    QuietMan 8 hours 53 min ago view
  • He's the nastiest pitcher I've seen in awhile. I'm gonna give them all a mulligan on this one.

    Coghlan's strike out was more disappointing. He was fighting off a lot of pitches and not swinging at crap, and on the last pitch, he swung at stuff he was laying off, and struck out.

    And Heyward, too. I don't blame Heyward - I blame free agency. I hate it. You almost never get a valid return on the investment.

    I look forward to the day when ball players own the teams. The current economics are not sustainable.

    Old and Blue 9 hours 54 min ago view
  • Oh, I'm sure you're right. He's not 27-27 in saves for nothing. But, man, I hope they learned last night that he didn't throw a single pitch in the zone to KB, Contreras or Baez, and they all just kept swinging.

    billybucks 12 hours 2 min ago view
  • Sounds like a much better game than last night's fiasco in Flushing.

    Old and Blue 12 hours 18 min ago view
  • I'm pretty sure it looks like a sweet pitch on the way in. How many sinkers like that are there at 98 mph? I agree that they should just do a Lackey and stand their with their bat on their shoulders until he throws a strike next time, but I can see how that's hard to do.

    The bullpen, on the other hand, is a mess, and Heyward is starting to piss me off.

    Old and Blue 12 hours 19 min ago view
  • I noticed that too. He's getting to everything, but when he gets right under it on a high flyball he looks uncomfortable

    cubbies.4ever 20 hours 53 min ago view