Game 3 Thread: Cubs @ Braves

A battle of two of the better rookie pitchers from 2009 as the Cubs try to avoid the sweep.

CHAT | TV: CSN, Direct TV 737 | RADIO: XM 175, WGN

Cubs Braves
Theriot SS #Cabrera LF
*Fukudome RF Prado 2B
Lee 1b # C. Jones 3B
Ramirez 3B *McCann C
Byrd CF Glaus 3B
*Colvin LF Escobar SS
Baker 2B *Heyward RF
#Hill C *McLouth CF
Wells P Hanson P

Wells (2009):

12-10, 3.05 ERA, 165.1 IP, 46 BB, 104 K, 14 HR, 3.88 FIP, 6th in Rookie of the Year Voting

Hanson (2009):

11-4, 2.89 ERA, 127.2 IP, 116 K, 46 BB, 10 HR, 3.55 FIP, 3rd in Rookie of the Year Voting

No, game previews aren't back, at least not that I promise to always have them up. But they'll make appearances here and there. Lou changes up the lineup a bit tonight giving Colvin, Baker and Hill the starts and sitting Soriano, Fontenot and Soto. It looks like Xavier Nady will get a start in the outfield tomorrow as well against Homer Bailey. I assume Fukudome would sit, but Lou also said Nady will play left field at first, so I guess we'll find out tomorrow. Carlos Zambrano and Tom Gorzelanny have been flipped for the weekend series with Z going Saturday and Gorz being pushed to Sunday. Ted Lilly has also been pushed back in his rehab start in Iowa with a stiff back...he'll go on Sunday now.

A win sure would be nice tonight.


Somebody break out the ColvinMeter!

Not a single mention of tiger woods? Bunk.

afraid he's not getting enough press coverage?

will start in RF tomorrow, the throws are shorter at GAB according to Lou

So they were only worried about him making throws from the warning track? I don't understand.

Fucking umpire...


Colvin starts from now on~!

Oh, my goodness. The Tyler Colvin legend continues. Good luck on that playing time thingy, Alfonso.

Think we could get Carlos Silva for Fonzie, oh wait, never mind.

Marlon Byrd deposits a cement mixer slider into the bleachers and the Cubs have a 2-0 lead.

*gasp* Might they win this game?

I'm starting to like this Marlon Byrd character.

Why did you make me watch that?

Haha... sorry, here, try this, Tiger's new commercial ;)

Bets on how soon we see Cashner in the Majors?

Through 2 innings in tonight's AA game he has 6Ks and one 1 BB.

I know the Cubs are hell bent on making/keeping Cashner a starter, but I would have liked to have seen him as the set-up man this year. He could also be the closer-in-waiting.

Barring injury, he makes it to the majors as a reliever this year. I stake my sterling reputation on it.

He just got his first in play out. 2.2 ip, 7 Ks.


Oh shitty bullpen... Why are you so shitty?

Lou - why are you using a meatball pitcher to pitch to McCann?


Longest winning streak of the year!!! (Note: I tend to be a glass-is-half-full kind of guy)

Lou - why are you using a meatball pitcher to pitch to McCann?
Jeff Gray did pitch a scoreless 9th for Iowa in a 6-3 loss

Andy Cash had to be lifted in the 5th after walking two and giving up a 3-run homer, but through 4 he had K'd 10 and only given up one hit (AA).

TEAM RUDYMETRICS after the first 3 game set of the year.


BA 28
OBP 28
SLG 26

Isn't that the Bobby Scale(s)?

I heard that you can tell a lot from 3 games.

The Dodgers and Red Sox should be panicking too, since they're going to each be 54-108 this year.

I am pretty excited that Sean Marshall is going to pitch in 162 games this year.

I'm more excited that he's going to throw nearly 26 games worth of perfect baseball and strike out more than half the batters he faces.

I bet that's a record.