Bradley's Option Clause

Jon Heyman at SI claims to have seen Milton Bradley's contract, and says the clause that would automatically kick-in the third year is that he needs to spend fewer than 75 days on the disabled list in 2009 to guarantee the full amount.

When it was first reported, Wittenmyer said it was a multilayered set of clauses, so I'm guessing the wording and legalese is a little more complicated than just spending less than those 75 days, maybe there's something about it not being due to a specific injury.


imo...3/30m for m.bradley is an insanely cheap price, especially with almost any out-clause for the team (and none for bradley in case he's exceeded his pay value by year 3).

i don't think he's fit for a NL team or everyday OF, but at that

before "OH SHIT! WTF MONEY AND BANKS AND BAILOUTS!" people were kicking around 3/40m numbers as a starting point even taking the injury risk into account.

Icelandic currency and jessica Simpson were looking a whole lot better last year as well. I doubt we can pass judgement on Milton until

A) we see what dunn and abreu sign for

B) if milton stays healthy

I can't believe how quickly we forget the mistakes of 2004-2006?

Beautifully written. I had no trouble understanding it.


Yeah, sorry, I'm feeling antagonistic today. It took me several reads to figure out the clause. It was the redundancy that confused me.

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From the same article,

Does Heymann have a HoF vote? No doubt where he comes down on Ron Santo,

"Personally, I'll be the one crying if Ron Santo, who fielded his position brilliantly and gave so much to the game, has to watch (Jeff) Kent get into Cooperstown before he does."

he definitely doesn't have one for Santo, it's only ex-players....

kent should be a 1st ballot HOF'r.

this is "blyleeven-ism"...pure and simple.

granted, no amount of kent-hate will keep him out of the hall after all he did while playing a decent 2nd...there's no "on the fence" with kent like bly...

still...kent is a no-brainer HOF'r and kent not being a very friendly baseball guy with the media (and other players) doesn't take away from what he did on the field and at bat.

the whole statement stinks, though i get the sentiment behind it...ron deserves it because he is a life-time baseball man who played damn well and stuck around for decades+ adding to the game. i don't think kent needed to be thrown under a bus to make that point, though...

if by 1st ballot, you mean any player worthy of the HOF should be a first ballot HOF'r because nothing changes from the first ballot to the one that they get in on....

otherwise, he's pretty borderline in my opinion....Ryno hit nearly as well with better defense and far more "fame" and recognition in his career and it took him a few tries.

I think Kent's personality is going to keep him out w/o any obvious hallmarks to back him up.

jeff kent is *the* HR hitting 2nd baseman by a not-close margin...high on the all-time-all-player doubles list, too...he's no biggio there, though.

and overall it all looks solid...the avg/doubles/ob% and though he was a "hitter's 2nd baseman" he managed to play there for a long time and do it well enough to not be a liability. he wasn't in the mike piazza class of defender.

well yeah, during a time when HR's were quite inflated...anyone who made a name for themselves from the mid 90's to mid 2000's with power is going to have to have something else to get them in, even if Kent is pretty vocal about wanting blood testing.

Robbie Alomar deserves it before Kent...think he's up next season for voting.

the game's been played for a over a 100 years and he's #1 by almost 100 vs. his peers. it's not like we're talking overshadowing his peers marginally.

...and i dont think r.alomar has much to worry about HOF-wise at all. he was pure awesome in every aspect of his game even if he wasnt hitting 20-30 homers a year.

he's got plenty to worry about, he was a general malcontent upstaging umps and went from slugging over .500 to unable to top .400 during the PED boom..

all that shit will come up next year or whenever he's eligible...

I think he's a no-brainer to get in, but the writers have their own whacked out agenda, like giving Jeff Kent an MVP...

and I'm amused by your willingess to compare Kent to his 2nd base peers for HOF candidacy but it doesn't count for MVP voting...


Sandberg 108.7
Alomar 132.6
Kent 110.2

Add 10 to Sandberg, 6 to Alomar and subtract 2 from Kent for baserunning, and that's about how they stand.

i don't see the connection, that's why.

there is no argument on the planet you can make to me that would make mauer a MVP. your ideas about the MVP aren't in the public realm on whole and that showed firmly in the voting.

ranking HOF members by their peers isn't an uncommon practice and is accepted without much debate.

common practice was to bat the fastest guy first and the most important stat was a player's batting average...

there's good reason to debate and question the common, often out-dated practices of baseball...

well, just go back to the first comment where i don't see the two related.

i don't think we'll ever live in a baseball world where a guy like mauer can win MVP with a season like last year just because he played a hard position well compared to his peers.

i don't think we'll ever live in a baseball world where a guy like
mauer can win MVP with a season like last year just because he played a
hard position well compared to his peers.

really? why do you think Pedria won it? because of  the 17 HR, 83 RBI's?

and his D, and his running, and his playing in all but 5 games, and his average/ob%...and...because he plays 2nd

but...while playing a 2nd helped was everything else he did that got him to the point where him being a 2nd baseman made that aspect worth looking at.

i remember saying pedoria would most likely win...lot of others, too.

MVP is erratic in nature (1984 AL MVP, ted williams hitting .400 and finishing 2nd, *insert a dozen other ones*), but we're yet to see the kind of voting situation you subscribe to come close to being a reality. defensive handicapping just isn't on that level...yet. hehe...

It wasn't the scrappiness?

it sure as hell wasn't the grit.

sorry, can't let this one go...

your ideas about the MVP aren't in the public realm on whole and that showed firmly in the voting.

well yes, the people that brought us MVP's Jimmy Rollins, Andre Dawson, Sammy Sosa, Jeff Kent and many other head-scratchers don't agree with me...clearly I'm in the wrong.

no one said you're wrong...i'm just saying you're in a minority that's been around a while but seem to be getting nowhere.

i'm not calling "flat earth society" stupid or anything...i understand the argument...i just outright reject it and it doesn't seem i'm in the minority on the issue.

it's a philosophy issue, not a right/wrong issue...

I'm sorry but who deserved the MVP more than Sosa?

Cause without McGwire they would have never made the playo....ooooh yeah. They finished 6.5 games out of hte playoffs in 3rd place.

Sosa carried that team himself.

And if it wasn't for Bonds in 01, Sosa would have won again.

last I checked baseball was played with anywhere from 9 to 20 players in any one game over a span of 6 months...

by your definition, Gary Gaetti deserved some votes.....

carried that team

you know it

Mickey Morandini DID get a vote!

according to Randy Bush

''We've had no talks about Jake Peavy since they were well documented during the winter meetings,'' said Cubs assistant general manager Randy Bush, who was speaking for the team as general manager Jim Hendry returns from a trip to Italy. ''I don't anticipate anything happening with that.''

also says, Cubs won't even pick up the phone until ownership is settled. Same info about Bako and Rich Hill from earlier.


6:23pm: I just spoke to a source familiar with the
Cubs' thinking.  Hopefully I can further douse the flames of the
Peavy-Cubs rumors - the Cubs aren't planning to restart the Peavy
talks, and none of their recent trades for pitching were related to
Peavy.  Keep in mind that the team's ownership situation is far from
resolved. - Tim Dierkes


Then I say it's official. 2009 Jake Peavy trade talk = 2008 Brian Roberts trade talk.

On with the show.

"Of course, I think odds are high Rich Harden will be doing the Mark Prior-spring-training-DL-trip around March 20th routine because he wasn't quite ready when spring training began."


Aaron Heilman is Yahoo!'s #10 top search term today.

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  • Why is Almora jumping up on catches?

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  • "Tommy La Stella (hamstring) will remain on his minor league rehab assignment through at least Friday."

    should be an interesting roster shuffle once these guys trickle back in. i imagine patton or peralta are on the hot seat for la stella's return.

    crunch 55 min 31 sec ago view
  • 6 pitches, 2 run lead.


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  • So am I. Point remains.

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  • Boras is 63, maybe he'll be retired or dead by the time Bryant, Russell, Almora, Albertos all hit free agency. Doubt he will be before Jake hits there though.

    cubbies.4ever 1 day 2 hours ago view
  • Interesting choices when guys get healthy.

    LaStella, Fowler & Soler replace Coghlan, Almora and Sczcur? I assume they don't want Almora to sit.

    Despite MIggy's demise, I assume they keep him around to mentor Contreras?

    billybucks 1 day 3 hours ago view
  • I believe Willson now has more CS than MIggy. The kid has an arm. Also, Russell is amazingly good on those plays at 2nd.

    billybucks 1 day 5 hours ago view
  • oh yeah...thanks joe/billy.

    poor outing, still got the win, go cubs.

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  • Although it felt like it, Jake didn't lose to them -- he got the W. (Assuming you are referring to Monday's game)

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  • Arrieta didn't lose to the Reds. He got the win -- he just didn't pitch like we expect him to.

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  • almora's 1st HR!

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  • it's not like this CIN team is lost-cause horrible, but aside from defense and power this is a truly horrible team.

    kinda crazy arrieta lost to them and yesterday's game had to go 15 innings for the cubs win.

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