Cubs' Right Field Options

The Kansas City Star says the Cubs are making a play for Mark Teahen. This on the heels of a radio report that the Cubs are very interested in Milton Bradley. The KC Star article also says the Cubs have interest in Raul Ibanez, but his cost may be prohibitive.

The Cubs would prefer David DeJesus according to the article, but he seems unavailable as the Royals want to move him to left field and acquire a new center fielder. Teahen though might be attainable. The names thrown out by the author are Felix Pie, Mike Fontenot and Ronny Cedeno.


Out of fear of Bradley mangling one of our white scrappy middle infielders on one of his 'off' days (or himself), I'm much more in favor of a KC deal. I'd prefer David of Jesus, though.

but is it suppose to be

Cubs' Right Field Options or Cubs Right Field Options

and if I was doing a page of Cubs that won the Cy Young Award, is it?

Cubs' Cy Young Winners or Cubs Cy Young Winners

It's either Cubs: Right Field Options or Cubs' Right Field Options... I think.

Cubs' RF options...options that are theirs.

Cubs Cy Young Winners...Cy Young Winners who are Cubs.
"He is a Cubs pitcher"

Cubs' Cy Young Winners...Cy Young Winners that the Cubs Organization has.
"He is the Cubs' pitcher"

well I'm just tell me what the title of this page should be

and shhh, it's still a secret 


I think that technically, your title is now correct. I also think that, because 'Cubs' is the name of the team and a Cy Young winner is a 'Cubs' player, that you can write it without the apostrophe. 'He is a Cubs pitcher' doesn't indicate ownership of the pitcher by the Cubs (I don't think), but Cubs' pitcher does. Perhaps it goes down the argument, 'Am I a Cub fan or a Cubs fan?'.

Because there are multiple pitchers who are collectively 'Cubs', I think it's ok. If it was one player, you'd have to put 'Cubs' Cy Young Winner' or 'Cub Cy Young Winner' depending on what, exactly, you're trying to indicate.

E-mail if you secretly want free labor.

it'll be open up to everyone to contribute in a short time...actually it probably is now, but I want put together some more examples/templates and a solid help page before we announce it to the world.

Good move, a vast improvement on the "junk drawer"!

ooh ooh! i've already got quite few items thought up to add there. some are self serving, but hey it's part of legitimate Cubs' Folklore (Cubs Folklore).

absolutely, ANYTHING related to the Cubs is  going to be welcome

Sweet. Let me know when I'm free to upload my nude photos of Uncle Lou.

that's hot

Wait till you seem them. My personally favorite is Japanese Schoolgirl Lou. He looks good in a sailor suit, believe it or not.

so semi-nude? false advertising....

we should definitely NOT allow manny to do the entry about Dusty Baker. or Jim Hendry either.

or Manny.

They are sequential shots. He starts out in the sailor suit...but doesn't end that way.

We did a whole series. I paid him in jellybeans.

was johann's mom involved in any way?


to start everyone off...take a look at this page 

on player pages on Baseball Cube, they list if a player was on one of the BA Prospect Rankings since 1992. I've filled in basically everyone I can think of, but anything labeled "Missing" is doing just that.Any persons care to try to fill in the gaps?

Supposedly if you have a subscription you can get from 2002 online, but the rest has proved troublesome. It's basically been a trial and error of typing in Cubs prospects that I can think of.

I'm missing #10 on 2004 and then a bunch from 2000 and before...

unless there's a page on Baseball Cube that actually gives the team-by-team lists for each year, but I couldn't find it 

Rob, there isn't a list of that on Baseball Cub, but you can find the rosters for each of the minor league teams for each year. So by clicking through I just found Nate Frese as #10 in 2001 and filled that in. I'll try to find a few more before I have to get to work.

thnx for the tip, I found #10 in 2004 - Jae-kuk Ryu

Kyle Lohse was #6 in 1999. I filled in a bunch more, especially in the early 1990s - inlcuding Tim Parker (who?) in 1992. But that 8th slot in 1992 remains elusive.

thnx again, filled in a bunch as well, got from 1999 through 2008 done, 1994 and 1995.

Missing - #8 in 1996, #7 in 1993, #8 in 1992

I don't think Baseball Cube has 1997 and 1998 in there because has Kerry Wood #1, but it doesn't show up on his player page. I also found a bio on Brian Ramsey saying he was a top 10 prospect in 1998 according to BA, but doesn't show up on his page either. 

ROB G: Try RHP Wade Walker (1996-#8), 3B Jose Viera (1993-#7), and 1B Elvin Paulino (1992-#8).

why did I know you would have the answer? you happen to have the 1997 or 1998 lists somewhere?

Baseball Cube lists players that were on their top 100 major league list, but is missing the organizational top 10 for those years. From some pages I know Wood was #1 both years and I have a couple of other names that should be on the top 10 lists but can't confirm where.

the former on both. take that from an english major.

to add confusion to all this...i believe Cubs's would be technically correct, however, is so commonly not used it would lead most to say it's wrong.

so uh...yeah...

Teahan... Pinhead and Perry better be damned sure that they can fix him if we trade anything more than a bucket of balls for him. I wouldn't trade Pie even up for him.

DeJesus doesn't hit well enough to be a left fielder, but I'd take him for center.

It's also Teahen.

thnx, I'll always screw his spelling up


how are Pinhead and Perry going to fix a shoulder injury that might be permanent?

Ask Kerry Wood?

The new website looks cool Rob.

shhh, it's a secret, but yes, it will eventually be a dumping ground for anything you ever possibly could have ever wanted to know about the Cubs, their players, minor leagues, Wrigleyville, etc...

Towers says Braves aren't necessarily dead, but that Braves don't give out NTC clauses and Peavy is insisting on one to agree to a deal.

for Teahen and I'm wondering why they're interested in someone who hit just as poorly as Fukudome last year

and has been below ML averages the last two seasons, not to mention well below average as a a RFer...

Current Payroll numbers will probably be around 137 Million when you factor in Gregg, Gaudin and Reed's salaries in arbitration.

So unless we're looking to package a few players with large salaries and reports are around a 150M payroll budget, I would think we're going the cheap route.

Lets hope someone will take Marquis off our roster.

I hope dempster lives up to that contract...after one good year.

I live in KC and watch a LOT of Royals baseball. My 2 cents:

Teahan is a LH version of Mark DeRosa. He can play most every position on the field, none of them gold-glove caliber, but all of them passably acceptable. He has some speed; not a pure basestealer, but he runs smart, does 1st to 3rd well, he will sneak in 15-20 SBs per year if a manager is aggressive.

He is a line-drive hitter, does not have any kind of upper-cut at all necessary for HR production. He can be had with breaking stuff low and away, and high fastballs. His plate discipline is below average.

In my view, Teahan is a league-average quality player with a bit of potential upside. His biggest advantage is that he is a really an all-around super-sub type player, something we know Lou likes to have. I would very much like to have him on the Cubs in this role, but not so much if the plan is to have him be the everyday RF.

So, Pie for Teahan? I'm fine with that. Pie + Cedeno? Again fine, because I can't STAND Cedeno. But anything more and I'd balk. And I certainly hope Hendry gets more than just Teahan as his off-season bat, because he ain't enough.

I realize that this is likely to come back and make me feel very, very stupid, but I'd rather have Pie than Teahen at this point--I definitely don't trade them straight up.

This has nothing to do with the comment I'm responding to, but I also don't understand the infatuation that some people have for DeJesus--he seems to be merely okay, or sort of good. Not the sort of guy that would make me think, man, I'd really love to trade for him. A better bet than our current CF guys, but I'm not exactly drooling. And he's no more of a leadoff hitter than Mark DeRosa. I haven't seen him play much. Maybe he's a spectacular fielder and I just don't know it.

So one guy has below average plate discipline. The other has Gawd awful plate discipline. What are the chances that we target a guy with GOOD plate discipline. How about excellent plate discipline. That would be awesome!

Anything the Royals have is not an option for us! Would rather have Fuk-u-do-me in R and platoon with DeRosa and Pie in center...this is crazy. Milton Bradley is a better board game maker then a player! He's also butcher in the outfield.

Mmm. Is there anything tastier than a Fukudome/Cedeno platoon?

I think of all the possible free agents the only guy who is a real RF is Bobby Abreu, and he's declined a bit on defense, from what I've read out of NYC.

There has to be better trade possibilities than Teahen. At the very least if they deal for Teahen they better sign Furcal to lead off and bench Theriot.

2001-- 10.chad ricketts?

good call, Ricketts was actually 10th in the Dodgers organization in 2001, although he was a Cub before bad.

The Cubs would prefer David DeJesus...

This is downright orgasmic.

DeJesus' numbers look decent, but I don't know jack about either guy other than the fanfare (or what passes for fanfare for KC) when Teahen came up.

I can't remember which writer it was, but I still laugh at the mental image of Burnitz waiting anxiously by the phone... sad, but probably true....

Throw the numbers out, Kauffman is brutal. The important thing is this guy is built like the perfect ball player and has all the tools. He'll have a breakout year in the next 2-3 years, you can count on that.

I was calling for the Cubs to trade for DeJesus last year, but I was just yapping, I never thought it could be a real possibility.

Rob, are you left-handed? Did you ever have any time in the KC organization? Sounds like we got a new RF'r...

And I just read somewhere that we're "trying to deal Fukudome", is that true? Does Hendry or Fuk know that? I figured Jimbo would let him go for the right return (ie, we're not stuck with his WHOLE salary for the next 3 years), but I hadn't heard Hendry was shopping him....

*edit*-- "Although the Cubs are trying to deal right fielder Kosuke Fukudome, the Royals almost certainly would not take on his remaining contract of three years and $38 million."

with the link:

(it's about halfway down)

it's in that KC star article I linked to as well, actually I think they took it from there...Fukudome has a NTC, so it's not happening.

Yeah, that doesn't make sense to me either. I think one could play CF, the other RF, no?

Read it and weep. Rich Hill tonight (Tuesday):

1 inning, 3 hits, 7 runs, 5 earned, 3 walks, 2 K's, 2 wild pitches.

Justin Berg, for what it's worth, pitched the 7th and fared even worse.

0.2 innings, 6 hits, 8 runs, 8 earned, 3 walks, 1 K, 1 wild pitch.

Final score: Tiburones 21, Tigres (Aragua) 7.


Future home run slugging right fielder?

I just tried to picture Rich Hill running down flies. And snorted.

Hill may have a career as an actor.

Man, that fork in Hill's back is HUGE. He done.

"but he seems unavailable as the Royals want to move him to left field and acquire a new center fielder."

Sometimes, rumor news reports are right on the money. The Royals just traded Ramón Ramírez for Coco Crisp.

Submitted by carlosrubi on Wed, 11/19/2008 - 9:29am.

"but he seems unavailable as the Royals want to move him to left field and acquire a new center fielder."

Sometimes, rumor news reports are right on the money. The Royals just traded Ramón Ramírez for Coco Crisp.


CARLOS: Perhaps the nature of the talks between the Cubs and the Royals had less to do with Teahen and DeJesus coming to Chicago and more to do with Pie and/or Cedeno going to KC, with Coco Crisp the actual target?

Crisp would solve the leadoff issue, but that would mean DeRosa and Fukudome share right field. Or would Hendry still try to find a left-handed bat who can hit in the 5 or 6 hole?

No, cuz then Fuku wouldn't have a spot. If we got Crisp, it sounds like our outfield would be Soriano, Crisp, and Fukudome/Johnson. Unless we're then throwing a ton of money at Furcal, no thanks.

Crisp ain't coming to the Cubs.

"Crisp would solve the leadoff issue"

I'm gonna go with false. Career OBP of .331. Base stealing isn't THAT important. He's never been an elite base stealer, anyway. Career high of 28 last year--like Theriot on a good year.

I could handle that, Phil. Crisp would be a good pickup for that price...

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  • I don't hate Coghlan as a PHer but he's leading off today which is as bad as Austin Jackson doing so last year. He doesn't even have the speed.

    johann 40 min 42 sec ago view
  • TLS has options. He will be up again in Sept, and maybe earlier.

    Rob Richardson 51 min 24 sec ago view
  • Very odd -- TLS .308/.419 in July (in 26 AB). Strange move for a team struggling to score runs. Hard to imagine Coghlan doing better than that. Maybe they like Coghlan better as a PH?

    billybucks 1 hour 1 min ago view
  • Sorry to nitpick -- but the first game wasn't a save.

    billybucks 1 hour 16 min ago view
  • Wow La Stella sent to Iowa and Coghlan brought up. I'm not a huge Stella fan but he has been hitting lately and is to me better than Coghlan. Neither are good defensively but I guess Coghlan can play the outfield allowing Bryant to stay at 3rd more where he's better.

    johann 1 hour 18 min ago view
  • Not 2nd to last but Cubs are definitely bottom of the pack in the 2nd half in oWAR and wRC+. #1 in dWAR though which is certainly a good sign for the playoffs.

    johann 1 hour 23 min ago view
  • I was going to say that you wouldn't want Heyward to achieve Soriano's OBP--.317 with the Cubs--but now I see that he's already done that. Pitchers have lost their fear of him.

    Oh, well, at least Chapman seems to be as good as advertised.

    VirginiaPhil 1 hour 31 min ago view
  • Thanks to E-man and Quiet Man for the link on Chapman in a previous post. It's funny because I never really noticed Chapman's delivery until I saw him doing it in a blue uniform. Two saves in a Cubs uniform already. I hope they don't need him today, despite that smooth delivery.

    Old and Blue 1 hour 33 min ago view
  • Cubs are middle of the pack in average, 5th in OPS, 2nd in walks, 4th in runs scored in MLB. Their runs scored ranks 17th in the MLB in July.

    Boston, leading everything, continues to rake in July.

    Old and Blue 1 hour 36 min ago view
  • Lester has given up one run or fewer in 11 starts this year. So I'd answer yes. Three of his last four starts were duds, yes. Not worried about him at all. Arrieta is concerning, to be sure. I look it at as, what he was doing was historic, so the regression was bound to happen. He showed in his start against the Mets that he's still capable, and I'd bet on him regaining his form.

    Tito 2 hours 32 min ago view
  • marlins getting a.cashner and c.rea from SD

    crunch 2 hours 39 min ago view
  • This is not an attack...But In what stat are the Cubs second from last in MLB, in hitting? I don't see this.

    Dusty Baylor 3 hours 45 min ago view
  • How odd the stats:

    Cubs 1st in pitching in MLB

    2nd to last in hitting.

    In May they were 1st in both.

    The E-Man 4 hours 2 min ago view
  • trevor clifton (high-A) could be interesting in a couple seasons...could even become a high/middle rotation guy. he's got a lot of pluses in his pitching except control.

    eric leal's (high-A) progression through the minors should be worth watching even if only projects to be an mid/end-rotation starter.

    we also gotta keep a long-distance eye on guys like jose paulino (ss-A) and preston morrison (A).

    crunch 12 hours 41 min ago view
  • As Johnny Bach used to say when it was time for the MJ Bulls to crank up the defensive pressure: "Release the Dobermans!", and Jordan, Pippen, Rodman and Harper would just suffocate the other team.

    I'd love to add Carl Jr. to that group - he's got the stuff.

    billybucks 13 hours 1 min ago view
  • Historically, the Moneyball guys have been great at identifying productive hitters. Not so much with pitchers.

    billybucks 13 hours 2 min ago view