Cubs Draft Tracker Ticker - Day 2

ROUND #7:(221) Luis Flores, C (Oklahoma State)
R/R, 5'10, 200, 21 years old
COMMENT: Outstanding defensive catcher with a strong, accurate arm and well above-average receiving skills... Hit 298/425/447 with 39/30 BB/K in 37 games at OSU in 2008... Transferred to Oklahoma State from the University of Houston, where he was a Freshman All-American... Was both a baseball All-American and an All-State QB in HS in Texas...


ROUND #8 (251): James Leverton, LHP (Texas Tech)
R/L, 6'2, 200, 22 years old
COMMENT: Lefty reliever with 88-91 MPH fastball and a plus-slider... Played mostly 1B first two years at Tech... Became full-time pitcher in 2008...


ROUND #9 (281):  Jay Jackson, RHP (Furman)
R/R, 6'1, 195, 20 years old
COMMENT: Low 90's fastball, with both an above-average slider and spike-curve, and a decent change-up... Was the #1 starter at Furman, but played CF on days when he wasn't pitching... Hit .336 with 8 HR...


ROUND #10 (311): Alex Wilson, RHP (Texas A&M)
R/R, 6'1, 215, 21 years old
COMMENT: Had Tommy John surgery after suffering torn elbow ligament while pitching in Cape Cod League in Summer 2007... Missed the 2008 season, but reportedly threw 94 MPH in a bullpen "showcase" session last month... Transferred to Texas A&M from Winthrop, where he was rated a top pro prospect prior to his elbow injury...


ROUND #11 (341): Toby Matchulat, RHP (Wabash Valley JC)
R/R, 6'6, 185, 19 years old
COMMENT: 3.00 ERA, 30 IP, 18 H, 27/33 BB/K at WVC in 2008...


ROUND #12 (371):  Jake Opitz, 2B (Nebraska)
L/R, 6'0, 180, 21 years old
COMMENT: 339/434/568 with 11 HR and 50 RBI in 58 games in 2008... Four-year starter for the Big Red...First-team All-Big 12... Outstanding defensive second-baseman with plus bat speed...


ROUND #13 (401): Tony Campana, CF  (U. of Cincinnati)
L/L, 5'8, 160, 22 years old
COMMENT: Hit 338/405/441 in 2008, 28/29 BB/K in 296 PA with 44 SB (11 CS)... College teammate of Cubs 6th Round pick, Josh Harrison... Transferred to Cincinnati from UNC-Asheville... 


ROUND #14 (431): Dan McDaniel, RHP (Chabot JC)
R/R, 6'3, 220, 20 years old


ROUND #15 (461): Casey Coleman, RHP (Florida Gulf Coast)
L/R, 6'0, 180, 20 years old
COMMENT: Became full-time pitcher in 2008... was the FGCU starting shortstop in 2007... went 7-3 with a 4.11 as a rotation starter in 2008, with 70 IP, 71 hits, and 35/58 BB/K... Third generation pitcher, son of RHP Joe Coleman Jr (1965 3rd overall pick in first-ever Rule 4 Draft, followed by a 15-year MLB career with WAS, DET, OAK, et al, including 2-8 with a 4.10 ERA in 39 games for the Cubs in 1976) and grandson of RHP Joe Coleman Sr (also a lengthy MLB career, mainly with the Philadelphia A's in the 1940's and 50's)...


ROUND #16 (491): Ryan Keedy, 1B (UAB)
L/R, 6'3, 220, 22 years old
COMMENT: 5th year senior who will be 23 in August... Hit 423/519/675 with 29 doubles, 10 HR & 69 RBI, in 60 games, and 46/32 BB/K in 287 PA ..


ROUND #17 (521): Jonathan Nagel, RHP (Independence CC)
R/R, 6'4, 230, 21 years old... Is presently rehabbing from Tommy John surgery...  


ROUND #18 (551): Jeff Beliveau, LHP (Florida Atlantic)
L/L, 6'1, 195, 21 years old
COMMENT: Transferred to FAU from College of Charleston after 2007 season... Had MAJOR control problems in 2008, allowing 77 BB (78 K) in just 76.2 IP... Overall went 5-4 with a 4.62 ERA in 14 GS for FAU in 2008, with a .233 OBA...


ROUND #19 (581): David Macias, CF (Vanderbilt)
B/R, 5'9, 185, 22 years old
COMMENT: Gold Glove quality CF... Hit 356/424/519 as Commodores lead-off hitter in 2008... Not a good base stealer (6 SB/6 CS)...


ROUND #20 (611): Jericho Jones, RF (Louisiana Tech)
R/R, 6'5, 215, 20 years old
COMMENT: Two way player, but will play RF in pro ball... Was the Bulldogs #1 rotation starter and played RF on days he wasn't pitching... went 5-5 with a 5.80 ERA and 85 hits allowed (305 OBA) in 68 IP as a pitcher.... Hit 364/416/611 with 13 HR & 46 RBI in just 54 games, but struck out 45 times (only 14 BB) in 219 PA...


ROUND #21 (641): Logan Watkins, SS (Goddard HS - Goddard, KS)
L/R, 6'1, 170, 18 years old
COMMENT: Played SS but also was his team's closer... Also was star QB on the Goddard football team... Has signed NLI with Wichita State...


ROUND #22 (671): Tarlandus Mitchell, RHP (Alto HS - Alto, TX)
R/R, 5'8, 170, 18 years old
COMMENT: Star QB-CB (2nd team All-State) on two-time state 1-A champion Alto HS football team... also #1 starting pitcher and DH on Alto baseball squad... Has signed NLI with Navarro JC..


ROUND #23 (701): Ryan Sontag, LF (Arizona State)
L/L, 5'10, 195, 22 years old
COMMENT: Was Big Ten Freshman of the Year at Michigan State before transferring to ASU... Hit 390/482/526 for the #3 ranked Sun Devils in 2008...


ROUND #24 (731): David Cales, RHP (St. Xavier U.)
R/R, 5'11, 200, 20 years old
COMMENT: Played HS ball at Mt. Carmel (Chicago) where he was a three-time all-Catholic League performer as a 3B-RHRP (closer)... Red-shirted in 2008 after transferring to St. Xavier from UIC... Was the Flames closer and also played 3B in 2007... Transferred to UIC from Missouri where he was a 3B-RHRP in his freshman season in 2006...    


ROUND #25 (761): Rebel Ridling, 1B (Oklahoma State)
R/R, 6'4, 230, 22 years old
COMMENT: Hit 321/382/621 with 18 HR & 67 RBI, with 17 doubles, 28 BB and 60 K in 284 PA (62 games)... Teammate of Cubs 2008 7th round pick, Luis Flores...


ROUND #26 (791): Josh Whitlock, RHP (West Virginia)
R/R, 6'1, 175, 22 years old
COMMENT: #1 rotation starter at WVU... Went 7-7 with a 5.69 ERA in 14 GS, 90 hits in 93.1 IP, 47/70 BB/K in 2008...


ROUND #27 (821): Sonny Gray, RHP (Smyrna HS - Smyrna, TN)
R/R, 6'0, 185, 17 years old
COMMENT: One of the top 10 or 12 HS pitching prospects in the nation with a mid-to-upper 90's fastball and an 84 MPH breaking ball, Gray slips to the 27th round because of what is considered a strong commitment to play college ball at Vanderbilt... Suffered a season-ending ankle injury in April... To get Gray to forget about Vandy will probably require "1st round money"...


ROUND #28 (851): TeWayne Willis, OF (Lincoln Memorial U.)
R/R, 5'9, 165, 23 years old
COMMENT: Former football player (CB) at the University of Kentucky hit 343/496/427 with 42 SB (7 CS) for the Rail Splitters of LMU in 2008...


ROUND #29 (881): Sean Buckley, 3B (King HS - Tampa, FL)
R/R, 6'4, 205, 18 years old
COMMENT: Signed NLI with the University of South Florida...


ROUND #30 (911): Cole White, RHP (Paris JC)
R/R, 6'2, 200, 20 years old
COMMENT: Throws 95 MPH fastball... Will be transferring to the University of New Mexico if he doesn't sign with Cubs...


ROUND #31 (941): Kyle Wilson, 3B (Hill JC)
B/R, 6'0, 195, 21 years old... Will transfer to NC State if he doesn't sign with Cubs...  


ROUND #32 (971): Kurt Calvert, CF (Missouri)
L/L, 5'9, 170, 22 years old
COMMENT: Was a 4th OF until his senior year.. Hit .302 with 10 SB (2 CS) in 2008... .


ROUND #33 (1001): Sean Hoorelbeke, 1B (Central Michigan)
R/R, 6'1, 220, 23 years old
COMMENT: 5th year senior... Hit 310/415/620 with 16 HR & 61 RBI and 19 doubles in 56 games for the Chippewas, with 35/46 BB/K in 260 PA...   


ROUND #34 (1031): Bubba O'Donnell, RHP (High Point)
R/R, 6'2, 210, 22 years old
COMMENT: Theater major...2nd team All-Big South... went 4-4 with a 3.71 ERA and 8 saves as the Panthers closer in 2008... 22/58 BB/K and 50 hits allowed (.219 OBA) in 63 IP and 31 games.. .


ROUND #35 (1061): Ross Vagedes, RHP (Wright State)
R/R, 6'2, 215, 23 years old
COMMENT:5th year senior... The Cubs (apparently) drafted Vagedes as a pitcher, but he hasn't pitched since 2007... His career numbers as a pitcher at WSU are 5-5 with 5.40 ERA, 93 IP, 102 H, .277 OBA, and 47/61 BB/K... Conversely, he hit 322/377/518 as a full-time outfielder in 2008... I guess you can never have too many outfielders-turned-pitchers...


ROUND #36 (1091): Michael Brenly, C (UNLV)
R/R, 6'3, 210, 21 years old
COMMENT: Son of Cubs broadcaster Bob Brenly... Was drafted previously by the Cubs (43rd round in 2005), but did not sign... Hit 307/378/434, with 3 HR and 34 RBI in 56 games, with 21/22 BB/K in 225 PA for the Rebels in 2008... Bears a strong resemblance to Bill Cowher's son... 


ROUND #37 (1121): Erik Hamren, RHP (Saddleback JC)
R/R, 6'1, 195, 21 years old
COMMENT: Hasn't pitched much in his college career... Transferred to Saddleback from the University of the Pacific... Saddleback is the JC Mark Grace attended before he transferred to San Diego State...  


ROUND #38 (1151): Sean McNaughton, OF (BYU)
R/R, 5;9, 190, 22 years old
COMMENT: Was a Freshman All-American in 2005... Hit 347/389/623 with 14 HR & 53 RBI, 23 doubles, and 15/39 BB/K in 289 PA and 58 games for Cougars in 2008... Spent 2006 & 2007 seasons on an LDS mission to Washington, D. C.... Last year the Cubs drafted a player from BYU who had spent two years on an LDS mission to Siberia...


ROUND #39 (1181): Jordan Brown, RHP (LSU)
R/R, 6'0, 185, 21 years old
COMMENT: Was LSU's "Saturday" (#2) rotation starter in 2007, but was demoted to the #3 slot in 2008... 4-0 with a 5.32 ERA, 83 hits in only 64.1 IP, with 28/56 BB/K in '08... Throws a 93 MPH fastball, a curve & a change-up... was previously drafted by TB (2005), ATL (in 2006), and CIN (in 2007), but did not sign... (Probably SHOULD have signed)... Transferred to LSU from Meridian CC...


ROUND #40 (1211): Jared McDonald, SS (Pima CC)
L/R, 6'00, 180, 20 years old
COMMENT: Hit .467 with 11 HR for PCC...  Played shortstop in JC ball but will likely move to 2B as he moves up the ladder.. Will transfer to Michigan State if he doesn't sign with Cubs...


ROUND #41 (1241): Jordan Petraitis, SS (Miami University)
R/R, 6'2, 210, 21 years old
COMMENT: Was 2nd team All-MAC in 2008, after being named 1st team All-MAC in 2007... Hit 352/460/588 in 2008, with 19 doubles in just 54 games... 33/32 BB/K in 262 PA...


ROUND #42 (1271): Derek Riley, RHP (Chandler-Gilbert CC)
R/R, 6'4, 200, 20 years old
COMMENT Went 4-4 with a 3.47 ERA at CGCC in 2008.. will transfer to Arkansas State if he doesn't sign with Cubs...


ROUND #43 (1301): Jesse Ginley, RHP (Dunnellon HS - Dunnellon, FL)
R/R, 6'3, 180, 18 years old
COMMENT: Will probably attend St. Petersburg CC if he doesn't sign with Cubs... Brother Kyle pitches in Toronto Blue Jays organization...


ROUND #44 (1331): David Doss, C (South Alabama)
R/R, 6'1, 190, 21 years old
COMMENT: Was Jaguars everyday third-baseman in 2007, but was converted to catcher prior to 2008 season... Played in all 55 USA games in 2008, either as catcher, third-baseman, or DH... Hit 325/429/550 with 10 HR and 45 RBI, and 33/29 BB/K in 260 PA...


ROUND #45 (1359): Ashton Florko, LHP (University of British Columbia)
R/L, 6'3, 220, 20 years old 


ROUND #46 (1386): Tony Zych, RHP (St. Rita HS - Chicago, IL)
R/R, 6'3, 185, 17 years old
COMMENT: Has signed NLI with the University of Louisville...


ROUND #47 (1413): Chad Cregar, RF (Western Kentucky) 
L/R, 6'3, 221, 21 years old
COMMENT: Big-time power hitting 1B-OF... Hit 360/420/680 with 21 HR and 82 RBI in 60 games, with 24/51 BB/K in 283 PA for Hilltoppers in 2008, and was named to All-Tournament team at the NCAA Stillwater Regional last weekend...


ROUND #48 (1440): Dylan Moseley, RHP (Louisiana Tech)
R/R, 6'4, 185, 21 years old
COMMENT: Brother of Angels RHP Dustin Moseley... Was drafted by the Diamondbacks in 2007 but did not sign... Has been Tech's "Sunday" (#3)  starter for the past two years, but really struggled in 2008, going 1-5 with a 6.43 ERA, allowing 71 hits in only 49 IP, with a 16/23 BB/K... Teammate of Cubs 2008 20th round pick, Jericho Jones...


ROUND #49 (1467): Hunter Scantling, RHP (Episcopal HS - Jacksonville, FL)
R/R, 6'8, 235, 18 years old 
COMMENT: Has signed NLI with Florida State... Big dude but he apparently needs a lot of polishing and probably would cost more than he's worth right now...


ROUND #50 (1494): Pete Levitt, RHP  (Pitt CC)
R/R, 6'5, 235, 19 years old
COMMENT: Went 3-0 with a 5.34 ERA at PCC in 2008, allowing 20 hits and 20 runs (19 ER) over 32 IP, with a 15/41 BB/K...


So that's it. Now the Cubs just need to sign 'em!

Last year, the Cubs signed 33 of their 50 draft picks (about 2/3), so I would expect a similar percentage this year.


Luis Flores, C (Oklahoma State)
OK, I get it, so how does he project as a pitcher?

why did the cubs choose that Cregar from Western KY? I just read an article about him with bad knees. Can he even run? he went in the 47th round so that should say something. go onto the western kentucky hearld and read articles very entertaining.

Thanks for the details Phil, MLB is displaying very little information for anyone beyond the first round or two, so it's nice to get more than a name.




I know the stats don't always tell the whole story, but what's the story behind drafting some of these pitchers with high ERAs and mediocre peripherals? There's really not any better players out there?

drafting tools.

you try to straighten them out once you get the tools. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt.

marmol wasn't drafted, but that's a great example of of raw tools...especially given his tool set wasn't initially signed as a pitcher.

I agree with WISCGRAD, this info on the later round draftees is appreciated. I am fairly new to site, but I think I have finally found some people as crazy as I am about the North Siders. FYI: I saw Alex Wilson pitch at Winthrop for his first two seasons before his tommy jon surjery. He had a really heavy fastball with a good late breaking slider. He is one of those solid looking righties, with a broad frame. Hope he gets back to pre TJ form, because I enjoyed watching him control games at Winthrop. I bet we don't sign a lot of draftees this year, since we have kept 27 of the 33 signees from last year, and with the pacific rim signees. And, why do we draft short guys every year. Can't we get sizable boys with pop potential. Maybe one would slip through the system without hearing the Cubs instructors advice.

as that seems to be our MO. Wilken likes athletes, so I am not opposed to short guys with lots of skill. Not sure I liked Cerda as a high pick, but some of the later hitters have great SB stats and/or are great atheletes (a couple were all-conference QBs, for example).

Cubs can be first in the majors to 40 wins tonight (6/6).

First in the majors to 40:
2007: 6/9 - BOS (won World Series) and LAA (made playoffs)
2006: 6/11 - DET (won pennant)
2005: 6/8 - CHW (won World Series)
2004: 6/13 - NYY (made playoffs)


Jericho Jones. No matter what he does in the future, that is a great baseball name.

Wait, this kid is named Bubba O'Donnell and he is a theater major?

Fat fucking chance.

best part is he's a "bubba" who's from new jersey.

I wonder if anyone is going to draft Brenly's son...


Rebel Ridling. His name is Rebel. His parents didn't even try to hide it. Rebel. Okay.

Rich Hill's line from today's start
5 IP 1 H 1R 0ER 7 BB 5K

He's not quite into Rick Ankiel/Steve Blass territory yet but he's not far from it.

The Cubs took Gray in the 27th round, but he has first round talent. An injury and a strong college commitment led to his fall, but the Cubs took a flyer on him in the later rounds with the hope of signing him.

I think teams should take all reasonable steps to sign a player who has top talent but has fallen due to signability concerns. Certainly there could be a waste of money on some of these players, but in reality the pick is like having an extra first or second round choice.

A few recent year late round picks with signability issues drafted late but unsigned by the Cubs: Tim Lincecum, Khalil Greene, Matt LaPorta (top Brewers prospect).

Truly I think teams should try to sign everyone, even if the cost is high. We drafted Cashner last year in the 29th round -- we could have had him developing in AZ with Phil and then drafted someone else #1. Even if only 5% of the extra signed players actually become a decent prospect, if they become a top player like Cashner (or Lincecum, for that matter), the cost is worth it.

Cubs (or any team) wouldn't draft a player without a reasonable attempt to sign them. Some players just want too much and some are determined to go to college. I mean, I doubt the Yanks didn't have the $$ to sign Mark Prior when they drafted him. It's just doesn't work out. 

Maybe they become Matt Harrington, maybe they become Tim Lincecum.


Michael Brenly...
Son of Cubs broadcaster Bob Brenly... Bears a strong resemblance to Bill Cowher's son...

Ha! AZ Phil did a funny! Don't think that one was from

After reading about him.He does not have any good legs. The article quoted that he has bad knees. We take them with all injuries?

dude, relax, its the 47th round. Tanner Scheppers has a bad shoulder and got picked in the second round. It's just a flier, theyre not expecting anything from a 47th round pick. It might be just to fill out rosters for all we know.

We are gonna need 15 ML squads for all these 2nd basemen to find the field.

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  • Updating: Per @Joelsherman1, #Cubs-#Yankees trade, if completed, would be Chapman for Torres, Warren and likely two others.

    Can only imagine they'd only give that much up if he's signing an extension. 

    Rob G. 9 min 32 sec ago view
  • The official police report on Chapman:

    You can draw your own conclusions.

    Old and Blue 2 hours 2 min ago view
  • Where is he going to play for the Cubs?

    Rob Richardson 2 hours 29 min ago view
  • That was, ummmm, you know. A joke?

    Old and Blue 2 hours 34 min ago view
  • Even from an on-field perspective, Torres is a 19-year-old beating up High-A pitching who also plays a great SS. Even if he never develops a legit MLB power stroke, he's still an obvious 4-tool guy with a very high floor. Sucks to trade away his next 6-8 years for a closer, albeit a great one.

    John Beasley 4 hours 3 min ago view
  • "Like the Chapman deal for Cubs from on-field POV, wish I didn't now have to feel lousy following an otherwise likable Cubs team." @jonahkeri

    pretty much sums up my feelings

    Rob G. 10 hours 13 min ago view
  • You mean Yankees?

    QuietMan 10 hours 16 min ago view
  • Cards lose!

    billybucks 10 hours 24 min ago view
  • You do have a point. The TheoJed certainly would need to address this in a transparent way. Milton Bradley was no help to the team.

    The E-Man 10 hours 36 min ago view
  • FWIW, the Cubs would get a compensation draft pick between the 1st & 2nd rounds (around #35) if they extend a Qualifying Offer to Chapman post-2016 (probably about $17M), Chapman declines, and then he signs with another MLB club before next year's draft. 

    Arizona Phil 10 hours 42 min ago view
  • This all assumes Chapman doesn't want to be a free agent and possibly sign a $20MM+/year deal. We all know free agents get overpaid, sometimes dramatically (Hello, JayHey!). Not sure why Chapman would agree to the extension. If i'm is agent, I would tell him I could get I'm a $100M deal as a FA.

    billybucks 10 hours 49 min ago view
  • I'll root for the uniform and imagine it's left-handed Rod Beck or Randy Myers out there I suppose.

    Rob G. 11 hours 13 min ago view
  • Amen to this. I guess it's gonna happen and I'm gonna have to suck it up but I really despise domestic abusers with every bone in my body and cannot stand them on any team I root for.

    johann 11 hours 21 min ago view
  • I just prefer they don't  acquire players that choke their wives/girlfriends.

    Rob G. 11 hours 25 min ago view
  • So you'd rather go with Blown Save guy, when you can trade a prospect who is blocked for one piece that could get you over the top to the Big Dance? That is pretty old thinking. This is not a move that they cannot recover from if it goes south. But the upside is potentially historic.

    The E-Man 11 hours 34 min ago view
  • I'd prefer it not happen too.

    Rob G. 12 hours 1 min ago view