Cubbie Blue Bones and Groans, Spring Training Edition

The Cubs have a few nagging health problems as well as injuries this spring. Nothing critical. Just stuff like heart arrhythmia's treated with surgery.

 Mark DeRosa had ablation surgery to burn the short circuit in the electrical wiring of his heart. Now that he's got normal sinus rhythm, can dancing with the stars be far behind? Our 2nd baseman is back in Mesa and should resume baseball activities as soon as next monday.

Alfonso Soriano broke the tip (distal phalanx) of his right long finger catching during fly ball drills while coached to catch two-handed. Ouch that hurts. If this was a 16 inch softball league he'd be out there the next day (gnarly looking hands are the trademerk of us 16 inch softball players). Fortunately it's a hairline crack in the bone so it will be less sore in a week or two.

Update (from the Sun-Times):

(Soriano)... threw from the outfield in his first work since suffering the injury sunday and fared well. Next up is batting practice.

Aramis Ramires has a sore shoulder.  Not sore enough for an MRI. Expect him back soon and more importantly expect to see DeRosa at third soon too.

Update (from the Sun-Times):

...(A-Ram) had his scheduled spring debut pushed back to friday, but Piniella said it's not a concern and plans to have him in the lineup Friday and Saturday.

Michael Wuertz was held back a bit with a weak arm but he pitched a 1-2-3 inning with 2 K's yesterday looking solid. Last year Wuertz had a rough spring but was back on track once the season started, so it appears he's OK. 





CUBSTER: What is exactly wrong with A-RAM'S shoulder?

Is this a chronic problem?

He was rested since mid-October unless his fighting birds injured him.

It seems as if this may not go away without rest -

Any guesses?

I don't have much to go on. One of the more common things is bursitis (or impingement) but there are so many possibilities I'd need to hear something specific. If they didn't get an MRI, then the medical staff can't be too worried. If he's better with just a week or two of rest, that's probably what it was. Usually they use anti-inflammatory meds and some light stretching exercise for bursitis. If it doesn't respond, look for the MRI.

of Moneyball and it's "crowd" by someone else at the worldwide leader who admittedly did not read it. I fancy myself as something of moderate when it comes to the whole SABR vs Scouting or whatever you want to call it. I can see the value in both areas. Stuff like this just pisses me off though (whichever side it comes from). I hate the smug condescending tone and the cheap shots. It even includes the always original "mother's basement" coment. Anyways enjoy...

Okay, so upon further review it seems this may be some kind of hoax/satire. I googled "Art Garfamudis" and all links lead back to his page 2 articles except for a couple that seem to be questioning his existance. Unfortunately I can't read these as blogspot and similar sites are blocked by my company's IT Nazis. Maybe somebody else around here has some insight?

Isn't everything on Page 2 humor/satire?

I really, really hope that's satire.

It is. I thought it was fairly obvious.

Yeah, that's one of the stupider things I've read in a long time. I also hate when people talk about Jeremy Brown like he had no talent at all. He was getting drafted by someone, just not in the first round. I mean he won the Johnny Bench award for the top collegiate catcher. And for a catcher, a .370 career on base percentage in the minors (most at high levels) is pretty good, and he went 3 for 10 in his only big league call up. It's not like he retired because he sucked. He'd likely carve out a nice career as a AAA / backup catcher for a few more years. He retired for personal reasons, part of which I'm sure was because jackasses like this guy kept writing stupid articles about him.

Apparently a guy from MSNBC wrote a similar article last week. The two are frighteningly similar. Anywho, FJM took him to task and it made me giggle.

OK, I admit it. I wrote that column.

Your name did come to mind when I read it...ha

Hopefully A-Ram did not aggravate his shoulder throwing cock.

I was doing my daily routine of scrolling thru the comments and Tito, I lost my fucking mind on yours! I haven't laughed that hard since Tracshel pitched for us last September!!! Classic!

John Sickles "smackdown" comparing Geo Soto and JR Towles

Cubster: what's your take on Albert Pujols putting off surgery despite having a "high grade" tear in his right ulnar collateral ligament?

Couldn't one snap throw to the plate or second base significantly worsen the injury?


Couldn't one snap throw to the plate or second base significantly worsen the injury?
Absolutely. Ulnar Collateral ligament injuries in hitters are more about throwing in the field than hitting. Several fielders have had Tommy John surgery though with quicker recovery than a pitcher (as one might expect). The player that comes to mind is Tony Womack who injured his elbow with the Cubs but had a really good offensive season the next yr and was even ok in the field with the Cardinals. Pujols elbow may be hanging by a thread though but it's likely he can hang in there if he wants...after all it's been done before, like Bagwell with his bum shoulder playing even though the other teams knew he couldn't throw.

A nagging injury always seems to surprisingly pop up with A-RAM during spring training. The quad shutting down his season 2005 season rolled into 06 spring training where he also experienced a finger nail injury keeping him out 5 days. I think we can all sympathize how painful a finger nail injury can be. Then he strained his butt and bruised his elbow in 06 keeping him out of a couple of games. He had the tendinitis last year causing him to hit the DL and also had a sore wrist that caused him to miss games last August. Now we have the sore shoulder keeping him out the first couple weeks of spring training. A-Rams injuries seem to chronically go from one part of his body to the next. He is a great player and I love him as a cub but the only chronic problem this guy has is laziness.

This has to be one of the weirder spring trainings in history in terms of injuries.

Got my confirmation from the Cubs that my season tickets were sent out today via FedEx (should get by Tuesday). Still no word on the parking passes. Do you think they will be in there with the tickets or come separately? E-Man, since you live close by and you got the parking passes too, let me know. Thanks!!!

Relax. I got your back.

Notices are going out "this week".

By email, supposedly. OR- you may get surprised and they'll come in your Fed Ex pack before you even get the email! HA!

Apparently, the dude running this thing does three jobs including some important IT tasks.

You're in - I'd think.

Its still a decent walk from Belmont and Sheffield - but I park twice as far when I park for free (which I plan to do most of the time).

"Its still a decent walk from Belmont and Sheffield"

Isn't that like 4 or 5 blocks? Lazy American.

4 blocks, to be precise. Half a mile.

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    The things you have to do to pay for James Shields contract.

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  • that was a very kind 3rd strike to hendricks to end the 3rd.

    man on 3rd, 0 outs and got 2 pop-ups and a K...Maddux-lite indeed

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  • how did Fowler not score from 2nd on a double?

    by making bad decisions...

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  • he held on a popup (in case he needed to tag up) that bounced off the wall then jogged to 3rd. there were 0 outs so that probably played into the casual nature of how he played it.

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  • Not watching -- how did Fowler not score from 2nd on a double?

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  • uh, Fowler?

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  • Well I assume Ross is going to catch Lester in the playoffs, and it looks like Contreras is going to catch everyone else. I could see the Cubs keeping three catchers on the playoff roster as it would give them flexibility and Montero would have a left handed bat with some pop (at least historically) off the bench.

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  • Aren't Montero and Ross already in a tie for third catcher?

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  • Higher than Chris Perez's mailbox.

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  • Contreras starting at catcher for a day game after he caught the night before. What do people think the odds are that Montero is left off the post-season roster, or is at best the third catcher?

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  • Does he project as a starter, a relief pitcher, or is it too soon to tell?

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  • Rizzo getting a well deserved breather today with Bryant at 1B. Soler back in lineup batting cleanup and playing LF, otherwise all of the all-stars batting 1-5 again (what a luxury)

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