Closing The John McDonough File

In the wake of his big job change, John McDonough absolutely carpet-bombed the Chicago media today. I heard his interview with Mike Murphy on WSCR over the noon hour, just missed his late afternoon interview on WMVP (local ESPN Radio), then caught his appearance around 6pm with Roe Conn on WLS Radio. Naturally, his mug was all over local television as well, so much so that he effectively deprived poor Drew Peterson of the screen time he requires to continue creeping out the viewing public. McDonough's 24 years with the Cubs coincided with the 24 highest annual attendance totals in Cub history. The Cub fan convention, McDonough's idea, has become an annual rite of winter in Chicago and the blueprint for similar events now hosted by many teams in all major sports. (The 2008 Royals FanFest will be held January 19th at the Overland Park Convention Center. Get your tickets now!) Beanie Baby Day and the "celebrity" singers in the 7th inning stretch? More McDonough brainstorms, which, though derided by almost all of us, helped keep the organization in the spotlight even when the product on the field wasn't capable of it. An overlooked dimension of McDonough's legacy, I think, will be the way he extended the Cub brand to embrace players from the team's past and keep them in front of the fans. Not just the stars, like Banks, Jenkins, Sandberg, Williams and, of course, Santo, but also lesser lights like Jody Davis, Milt Pappas, even Gene Oliver. By nurturing this multi-generational Cub family, McDonough and the organization made multiple generations of fans feel closer to the team than ever, enabling 60- and 65- and 70-year-old fans, as much as the 20- and 30-year-olds, to say, "They're my Cubs." So why am I so glad McDonough is gone? Because as tough as he talked on the day he took Andy MacPhail's job in October of 2006, John McDonough was Tribune Company through and through. He is Beanie Baby Day and Kellie Pickler singing Take Me Out To The Ballgame and team-owned ticket scalping services and crappy food at outrageous prices and a tacky Harry Caray statue that the tourists will line up to pose in front of. Sorry, you'll never convince me that it was the former Marketing Director--as opposed to a new Tribune Company business strategy to pump up the value of the Cubs--who convinced the corporation to spend all of that free-agency money last winter. In my opinion, John McDonough never had the depth or the vision to warrant being the President of the Chicago Cubs. He was just a comfortable choice for an ownership group that had to be looking ahead to the sale of the team even as they were anointing their boy the new king. John McDonough is the Peter Principle in a blue suit. I will give him this: he was smart enough to adjust his career path before John Canning or somebody else adjusted it for him.


I disagree. I think McDonough was perfect for the Cubs. Making money is the first priority of any business. If we have more money we can better supply our team with both free agents, long term contracts to the guys we want to keep, pay bigger signing bonuses to draftees and we can hire the best talent to manage our farm system.

Sorry, this guy is a winner and he will be sorely missed. The main reason he'll be missed, however, is his ability to be the "go-between" between Hendry and the Tribune company. Being able to leverage a money maker to get more resources (money) was his trading chip. The Bank (Tribune) was sold on McDonough-that's enough.

Regardless of how you feel about him, you can't argue that he's going someplace his talents will be much more useful. I don't agree with everything he did, but I do believe that he loves this team like we do, he's just a marketing guru, and they're slimeballs by nature.

That said, I'm happy he's staying in town, and I hope he can revive the legacy of our once proud hockey franchise. The Cubs don't need his type of help anymore.

he at least gets security moving...this whole ownership turmoil with the cubs...never know what direction the new owner(s) will take.

he was a HOF pencil pusher...heh.

does this mean I can't sing "take me out for some popcorn" next season?

A Harry Caray statue? No problem with that, whatsoever. A good thing, to me.

Celebrity 7th inning stretch singing? May he burn in hell.

What of the poor Celebriducks? Where will they go?

I can't give McDonough credit for ingenuity exactly; I think what he really did was expand well on concepts that had been Cubs truisms for decades. "Beautiful Wrigley Field," Ladies' Days, "can't beat fun at the old ballpark," etc. -- these were P.K. Wrigley-era marketing ideas engineered to get people to Wrigley whether the team was a winner or (likely) not.

McDonough seems to have seen opportunities to update those ideas for the current age, introducing promotional giveaways and gimcracks like Beanie Babies, tie-ins with dowdy, silly, happy-talk culture (I'm thinking Jimmy Buffett and "YMCA" here, but maybe it's unfair to blame the latter on McDonough), and, of course, washing the whole experience in celebrity from top to bottom.

Whether it was all to the good for the Cubs is debatable, but I certainly agree that the Blackhawks need an infusion of this stuff pronto.

Take me out to the ballgame in a Chevy truck
Take me out to the crowd (who hopefully remembered to wear their Degree underarm protection)
Buy me some Planters peanuts and Cracker Jacks
I don't care if I ever get back, but if I do, may it be in a comfortable Chevy truck
Let's root, root, root for the Cubbies
If they don't win get some Old Style
For it's one, two, Three Musketeers
At the old ballgame.

Let's get a run together for some Old Style!

I know this has been talked to death, but WHY do we need another second baseman? What about right field??

And in baseball news:

Pirates scrape the bottom of the barrel for a pitcher:

Jimmy Barthmaier (RHP) – Was claimed today off waivers from Houston…Spent 2007 season with Corpus Christi (AA) and has gone 30-27 with a 3.67 ERA in 98 career games (84 starts) in the minor leagues…Was Houston’s 13th round selection in the 2003 First-Year Player Draft…Led Carolina League with 134 strikeouts and 146.2ip and ranked second with 11 wins in 2006 and was rated by Baseball America as the Astros fourth-best prospect prior to the 2007 campaign.

Quick unrelated question... Now that the MVP vote is out, who won the predictions contest? I was leading, but if I remember correctly, I was going to be passed unless Derrick Lee was in the top 10...

Good post. I also grew less and less comfortable with having a marketing guy at the top of the organization -- I don't like the trend of the Under Armour ads, etc. He's a good guy to have in an organization -- he has a lot of fun and interesting ideas -- but he could have become dangerous with too much power. This is a good move for him and the Cubs.

The Cubs are not an organization that needs a marketing guy at the top -- that's the easy part with this team. The Royals, the Memphis Grizzlies the Blackhawks, etc. need good marketing minds at the top. Let's get a guy who has a keen understanding of what drives success on the baseball field.

" I don’t like the trend of the Under Armour ads, etc."

This marketing revenue device is staying, regardless of McD or not.

Get used to it.

Yeah, the trend is staying - and we can thank Johnny -Boy for that unfortunate reality. For charging among the highest ticket prices in the majors for a terrible product most of the time, for making a broadcaster the most important remembrance of the Cubs organization via the statue, for pimping out every possible aspect of the Cub experience, replete with cornering the market on the ticket scalpers - for all of this, we bow our heads in greatful prayer and thanksgiving.

This whole idea of Wrigley need to be an untouched catherdal isBS.

In order to stay at Wrigley they need to squeeze all they can out of the place in order to stay there.

Look back at Ebbets field and old Crosley Field and the walls are plastered with ads and billboards.

This is nothing new.

They need to put a video screen on both corners of the roof so they can sell more ads and get the experience of going to a baseball game into the 20th century.

The world didn't end whent the lights came.

McDonough-that was a very funny post!

Jacos-very true about Ebbets field, etc..I think if we all had to choose between new modern stadium and ads on the walls of Wrigley, we'd take the latter...

The fact is the President of any team should be a business guy. Whether he comes from marketing or accounting, he needs to be a business guy first and foremost. McDonough took our brand image and expanded on it. I think the single biggest thing he accomplished is that he's started to show that winning will only help the bottomline. McDonough convinced the Tribune that if the Cubs didn't start winning, people would stop coming and stop caring.

On a baseball related note, here is my list of rightfield options for us in 2008:

1. Fukodome
2. JD Drew
3. Luke Scott
4. Nick Swisher
5. Carl Crawford
6. Rocco Baldelli
7. Ken Griffey
8. Mark Teahen
9. Randy Winn
10. Mags Ordonez
11. Jeremy Hermidia
12. Andre Eithier
13. Matt Murton

Yes, alot of those options are pretty unrealistic, unless we want to trade all of our good young pitchers. No, I didn't put them in order.

We know that we want a lefthanded hitter that is capable of putting up good power numbers and can actually field the position.

If we trade for Tejada to play short, we can set our sights lower on the offensive side. If we don't, we need this guy to hit 5th. Given those parameters, I'd say JD Drew, Nick Swisher and Luke Scott would have the most appeal.

Boston is looking for bullpen arms and help at shortstop. I'm not sure Dempster+Cedeno, however would get it done. What might do it, is Felix Pie+Ryan Dempter. Boston has the luxury of letting Pie play in Pawtucket in 08...

Houston is looking get younger and add pitching. Scott is old for a second year player at 29. I still think Marshall+a second baseman would be realistic.

Oakland is considering a total youth movement again. I'd say a package of 3 major league ready players would Swisher. Maybe Kevin Hart+Eric Patterson+????

Or we could just sign Fukodome and hang on to the players we have...

Last but not least, non of these guys are without risk.
Swisher could be involved in the steroid investigation (just a hunch), Drew has trouble staying off the dl and is often viewed as a malcontent and if Scott were really good, they wouldn't be willing to trade him.


Fully agree -- I was at Fenway this summer, and was surprised to see the number and magnitude of the ads throughout the stadium and on the OF walls. But, it's still Fenway -- it's not Minute Maid Park, or some other modern-day obscenity.

"In order to stay at Wrigley they need to squeeze all they can out of the place in order to stay there."

Of course it's in the overall revenue mix, but do you honestly think that the Cubs would ever have achieved their current nationwide popularity w/o the ballpark in the first place? And what about the enormous TV revenues? Are you suggesting that if they had moved out to Schaumburg and played in a park like the old Three Rivers (that was seriously being proposed at one time) they'd be hunky dorey with large revenue streams at this point? If they didn't have the ballpark, they'd be anything but lovable losers - just losers.

Cubnut - great post, I totally agree - McDonough! I think what people should not lose sight of is that McD was a great marketing guy and always will be a marketing guy reagrdless what his title says. Sure he was President of the Cubs but his vision was leveraging the Cubs brand whether its stamped on a bag of peanuts, whether its your name on the bricks outside Wrigley, or whether its the Cubs Convention - its all about marketing the Cubs name. At some point you have to build the brand and honestly thats not John's forte. Best of luck to him in his new gig with the Hawks we all know they can certainly use his services!

"Are you suggesting that if they had moved out to Schaumburg and played in a park like the old Three Rivers"

No, I just said I don't mind they sell advertisement at the park. They still have not address the falling concrete from the upper deck outside of the nets.

Which should be a natural tie in with Red Lobster to brand.


Anybody who doesn't get this team to the world series is an ass. Bottom line.

I'm not getting any younger, dammit.

Hopefully the new guy will adopt Gimpy the Half Hibernating Bear as the mascot.

What the hell is this?

From Yahoo sports, no attribution, no byline:

MLB Rumors
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Wood most likely will stay with the Cubs

Wednesday, Nov 21, 2007 10:41 am EST
Kerry Wood

Getty Images

The longer Kerry Wood remains on the free-agent market, the less likely it seems that he will return to the Chicago Cubs.

Several teams have courted Wood, including the Boston Red Sox, which wants him to be the primary right-handed setup man for closer Jonathan Papelbon.

Source: Chicago Tribune

Related: Kerry Wood, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs

That's the opposite of this headline:

How is that the opposite of the headline ("Wood's return in doubt") that you linked to?

Actually... the Trib story says the exact same thing as the yahoo story.

I think Old & Blue's RSS headline said "Wood most likely will stay with the Cubs"

What kind of a deal is Andruw Jones/Scott Boras looking for? I know Boras says that they won't accept a one year deal, but what is it they are asking for? Is it anywhere near 5/75? If it is, I think that it would be a good deal for the Cubbies. I know he isn't left-handed and he can't steal third, but he would look great batting fifth behind Ramirez.

I too am interested in the idea of giving AJones a good hard look. It seems like he could really end up being a bargain, coming off such a bad year. If he goes back to doing anything like his numbers from 2002-2006, he'd be perfect in the 5th spot in the Cubs lineup. Pie and Murton could then Platoon in RF.


I'd take that for an opening day lineup

rotoworld blurbs...

Reds actively shopping Ryan Freel and will entertain offers for Josh Hamilton. (Didnt't take long for the Dusty influence to pervade)

Hunter has a 6 year offer from the Rangers and 5 other offers for 5 years supposedly...

note from Stark's latest...
"They are dying," says an official of one team that spoke with the Orioles, "to move that guy."
Then again, judging by the price, "dying" might not be the right word. Tejada has $26 million coming over the next two years, and the Orioles haven't exactly offered to eat $25 million of it. So they'd like the bidders to eat the money and give them two "quality" players back, according to clubs that talked with them.

Fine, Orioles.

Option 1 - Marquis, Murton and Cedeno for Tejada, Cubs take on whole salary.

Option 2 - Murton and Cedeno for Tejada. Orioles pony up $8M in cash to the Cubs.

Option A - Mark Prior for Tejada, spring 2005

Kendall officially signs with Brewers. Can you say, "hello, sandwich pick"...I knew you could.

Source, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Cubs pick up Brewers 1st round Pick. After Braves decline Salary Arbitratioin an Andruw Jones. Cubs will have 2 1st rounders and a significant upgrade. Provided that the Brewers do not sign any Type A free Agents (Which I doubt they will).

HooRay Bob Melvin

George Altman — November 21, 2007 @ 2:01 pm
Fine, Orioles.

Option 1 - Marquis, Murton and Cedeno for Tejada, Cubs take on whole salary.

Option 2 - Murton and Cedeno for Tejada. Orioles pony up $8M in cash to the Cubs.


Who Plays Rf?

Who Plays Rf?

Pie or Fuld.

Pie or Fuld would be the worst hitting Rf tandem since the dead ball era

Cubs did not pick up Brewers first round pick...

Dr. aaronb — November 21, 2007 @ 3:26 pm
Cubs pick up Brewers 1st round Pick. After Braves decline Salary Arbitratioin an Andruw Jones. Cubs will have 2 1st rounders and a significant upgrade. Provided that the Brewers do not sign any Type A free Agents (Which I doubt they will).

HooRay Bob Melvin


DR AARON B: As was mentioned by Cubster and Rob G, the Brewers signing Jason Kendall prior to December 1st means the compensation pick the Cubs will get in next June's Rule 4 Draft will be a "sandwich" pick between the 1st and 2nd round, and the compensation "sandwich" picks for losing Type "B" free-agents will be slotted AFTER all compensation "sandwich" picks between the 1st and 2nd rounds are allocated to clubs losing Type "A" FAs.

Also, if more than one club gets a Type "B" compensation sandwich pick, the picks are slotted in the same draft order as the rest of the draft.

Last year, the Cubs got overall pick #48 after the Dodgers signed Type "B" FA Juan Pierre prior to December 1st. The Cubs ultimately used the pick to select catcher Josh Donaldson (Auburn) this past June.

The Cubs did not have to offer arbitration to Pierre on 12/1 in order to get the bonus pick. Whenever a Type "A" or Type "B" player signs prior to December 1st, compensation is now automatic. The only time a club needs to offer arbitration to a free-agent in order to get a compensation pick is when a Type "A" or Type "B" FA signs after December 1st.

Kendall was the only Cubs FA rated as a Type "B." None of the Cubs free-agents this time around were rated Type "A."


Fukudome plays RF..........3yrs/$33M.

[...] Baseball - Wrigley-era marketing ideas engineered to get people to Wrigley whether the team was a winner or (likely) not. McDonough seems to have seen opportunities to update those ideas for the current age, introducing promotional giveaways and gimcracks like more info [...]

[...] Closing The John McDonough FileBaseball - He is Beanie Baby Day and Kellie Pickler singing Take Me Out To The Ballgame and team-owned ticket scalping services and The Royals, the Memphis Grizzlies the Blackhawks, etc. need good marketing minds at the top. Let s get a guy who has a keen [...]

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  • sale's skills and insane value makes it almost too hard to have a market for the guy...he's got 3/38m owed to him over 3 seasons (2 team options). he could easily pull in 30m/yr if he was on the market as a FA.

    he's throwing a bit differently this season, especially with more sliders and less changeups like earlier in his career, but all his stuff still looks great even if the HRs are a little elevated and the Ks are down.

    crunch 1 hour 26 min ago view
  • Torres, Happ, McKinney, Jimenez, and Candelario for Sale. Deal or no deal?

    "The White Sox are reportedly asking for “five top prospects” for Chris Sale, FanRag Sports’ Jon Heyman reports."

    John Beasley 1 hour 40 min ago view
  • Unless he develops 30+ HR power and keeps his walk rate close to his K rate at the MLB level, he's not going to turn into Prince Fielder. And even if he does turn into Prince Fielder, he's gonna have a short prime. His very limited athleticism is likely to also detract some value from his ability to reach base--I don't buy making an out as being preferable to base clogging, but you'd certainly prefer just about any base runner other than Vogelbach, David Ortiz, etc.

    Charlie 2 hours 10 min ago view
  • seeing as arod has played a total of 27.1 innings of D at 1st/3rd and somehow managed a -0.5 dWAR with his 1 error at 1st and an overall positive total zone rating...he might end up even more in the shitter via the characteristics/flaws/whatever of how some sites determine various WAR values. dWAR doesn't directly lead to a WAR value, but the 2 main entities pushing the most popular variations of WAR sometimes lead to some interesting discrepancies in value.

    crunch 2 hours 26 min ago view
  • I have a lot of faith in Baez that he's going to turn into a more consistent, solid player. It looks like it took him about a half season or so of futility at the plate to figure out he was not talented enough to get away with the crazy approach he had. I think his running game will eventually have a more measured aggression.

    Charlie 6 hours 20 min ago view
  • I hope the D and bullpen show up. Cubs haven't had much luck against Davies, and he's been going well lately. A little uncomfortable with the Cards only 6.5 back--feels like they're right on our tails compared to the 11 game lead I've grown accustomed to.

    Charlie 6 hours 25 min ago view
  • Cardinals, stop that. Right now.

    billybucks 7 hours 18 min ago view
  • In a year or two, a lot of fans are going to point at trading him as a mistake. He'll probably be slashing something like 280/400/480 for Seattle at the time. Of course, by WAR, he'll still be worth less than 3, since we're talking zero defensive value.

    John Beasley 8 hours 21 min ago view
  • vogelbomb debut for tacoma (AAA SEA)... 3-3, 1bb, 1 HR, 1 double...DH'd.

    while he mostly played 1st considerably more than DH for AAA CHC, DJ Peterson is probably going to see most of the time at 1st for AAA SEA.

    crunch 16 hours 47 min ago view
  • Carl Jr.! Very nice!

    Baez with another "WTF?" play trying a delayed steal with a runner on 3rd and one out.. Remarkable talent, needs to make better decisions.

    billybucks 17 hours 45 min ago view
  • m.montgomery up in the pen with a man on 2nd, 2 out, and rondon 20 pitches into the inning.

    ...and rondon ends it 22 pitches in with a popout to RF.

    crunch 17 hours 54 min ago view
  • I gotta say with the crappy defense the Brewers have displayed outside of Fowler I'm pretty disappointed the offense hasn't shown more and Rizzo seems to be very swing happy lately. That said my god am I happy Madden has finally given Carl Edwards a chance after multiple times up with nothing. I don't think he could handle a starting role with his body frame but his stuff plays so well in a relief role and he seems to be able to handle high stress situations very well.

    johann 18 hours 58 min ago view
  • 2nd at bat. Fowler is good for the Cubs run differential.

    Cubster 20 hours 34 min ago view
  • welcome back fowler.

    crunch 21 hours 28 sec ago view
  • More slow news...

    Did Davey Martinez have to bring the shotgun?

    Cubster 21 hours 23 min ago view
  • glad to see almora going to AAA to get work.

    .265/.291/.422 through 86PA...2hr, 7 doubles.

    i don't expect too much of an improvement when he's taking over CF next year, but the team doesn't really need him right now as much as they need him to get regular work (imo).

    crunch 23 hours 19 min ago view