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GAME TWENTY IN-GAME DISCUSSION THREAD [PARACHAT] FLORIDA MARLINS (5-13, 7.0 GB, 5th) AT CHICAGO CUBS (12-7, 1.5 GB, 4th) WRIGLEY FIELD, 1:20 CDT Weather: 56 degrees, Sunny, Wind Blowing Out to CF @ 8 mph TV: WGN, DirecTV 745 Radio: WGN, XM 185
Angel Guzman, RHP (2006 AAA)1-2, 6.61 ERA, 16.1 IP &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 23 K, 3 BB, 4 HRScott Olsen, LHP 1-1, 1.50 ERA, 12 IP
td>Hanley Ramirez, SS #Alfredo Amezaga, CF Miguel Cabrera, 3B Josh Willingham, LF *Mike Jacobs, 1B Dan Uggla, 2B Chris Aguila, RF Matt Treanor, C &nbsp&nbsp * Scott Olsen, P*Juan Pierre, CF Ronny Cedeno, SS *Todd Walker, 1B Aramis Ramirez, 3B Matt Murton, LF Jerry Hairston Jr., 2B *Jacque Jones, RF Henry Blanco, C Angel Guzman, P
It's the much anticipated major league debut of uber-prospect Angel Guzman, who's struggled through a variety of injuries throughout his storied minor league career. His ERA doesn't look pretty from Iowa but that K rate and K/BB rate sure do. If he continutes that sparkling control along with lofty strikeout rates, it's going to make for some tough decisions when Blue Cross & Blue Shield (Jay Mariotti's line, not mine) are ready to return. He won't have quite as friendly weather conditions as Marshall did yesterday, but he still has the same pitcher friendly Marlins lineup. A word of advice kid, pitch around Miguel Cabrera if anyone is on. Jacque Jones makes another start versus a lefty, third straight in the series. Discuss. Of course, according to Dusty, you have to fail in front of his eyes first. If only we had some sort of record, maybe a shorthand that would recap the history of a players accomplishments and setbacks throughout his career, if we only had the technology. GO CUBS and good luck Guzman!!!


Worth mentioning this Olsen kid comes pretty highly touted. Of course, who in the Marlin's organization doesn't. He's looked pretty good so far...should be a great game.

I will try to look on the bright side and hope that Dusty will soon see with his own eyes Jones inability to hit LHP and after that point he will be platooned.

You know, I take it as a small positive baby step that Dusty said he was considering benching Jones against lefties, but wanted to see if there was anything the Cubs could do first to set him straight. He is also wise enough to bury him in the bottom of the order between 2 righties.
baby steps...baby steps.

Anyway, not sure if this was discussed, but Wade Miller is being shut down for a bit sighting "Fatigue". I'm guessing this goes a long way in explaining why Miller was moved to the 60 day DL and not Prior or Lee.


Platooned with whom, though? I agree with Rob Neyer that it might just be about time to admit that Jerry Hairston can't hit. I suppose we'll give Restovich a shot, but he's looked as bad as Dubois so far.

I wonder what the Mets want for Victor Diaz. Or the Rangers for Kevin Mench (joking).

"The Cubs also are still hunting for a left-handed batting practice pitcher." (from the same article Rob G. links to)

I remember this was an issue last season, too, and it has to be the dumbest, most incompetent thing I have ever heard. What's the budget for Cubs personnel? (Hint: It begins with "Many, many" and ends with "millions.") If you have to pay a guy a 50-grand retainer just to make sure he's available for all batting practices, as needed, do it! How can you possibly not get something so simple done?! For two seasons, at least. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.

P.S. Let's keep up that win streak! GO Guzie!

Ronald, I was thinking the exact same thing. How is it possible not to have a lefty batting practice arm that travels with the team. I'd have to think there isn't exactly a shortage of people with strong arms and some pitching experience that will never play pro ball.

"Before you sit a guy against lefties, he has to fail in front of your eyes first, not in front of other people's eyes or where he came from. If that's the case, there's no such things as a fresh start." - Dusty

This is precisely why Dusty's regarded as a "player's manager." What player wouldn't want to hear that (stats be damned)? What employee wouldn't want to hear that coming out of the mouth of your boss, that a negative in your track record will be overlooked for the time being?

If you consider Dusty's ability to be a "player's manager" an asset, then you have to live with decisions like this (Jones), even if they defy statistical common sense.

I asked a question of BA's Jim Callis in ESPN's chat today. I was looking for some names, but here's his answer, for those that are interested.

Andrew (LR, AR): What should the Cubs expect from Jerome Williams? Should they try to trade him for 1B help?

Jim Callis: (2:25 PM ET ) Not much. He never has lived up to his billing and it's time to start thinking that it probably won't happen. I don't think he'd bring much in terms of trade value.

Go Angel!

so who's dusty supposed to play in RF?

unlike other positions you got the choice of mabry/restovich/bynum...none of those guys are gonna make fans love life with a lefty on the mound.

you can get into crazy musical chairs moving OF'rs, but the way murton has adapted to LF and seeing as its gonna be his home a while, i wouldnt play around with him in RF just to put hairston in LF and play neifi/bynum at 2nd.

Yeesh. Guzman is looking pretty wild thus far.

At least Angel #2 got the strikeout.

Well, he got out of that one alive

Single, Wild Pitch, Double Play, Triple, Hit by Pitch, Strike Out. That was an eventful inning. Based on that inning, Guzman could carry on a fine tradition as a Cub's closer if this starting gig doesn't work out.

Too bad I'm stuck at work and forced to live vicariously through MLB Gameday. I get the feeling this game could be very entertaining.

he could start Restovich once in awhile, Hairston and have Neifi play 2nd (all hit lefties better than Jones). Make Hendry find a waiver guy or cheap trade for someone who does nothing more than hit lefties well and play passable defense. I don't give a f***, who it is, as long as it's not Jones who's beyond abysmal versus lefties.

What about Joe Borchard? He's cheap ;)

i'm all about having a RF bench guy around who can actually play worth a damn...i advocated a look at cody ross when he was released as a pipe dream...good arm, decent glove, power pop, and doesnt care if he's on the bench or not as long as he's not in AAA.

we just got a crap for crap situation as far as it goes right now out in RF...

i can understand not chasing down another high-end 1st baseman, but i'd like to see a RF backup who's worth his weight. if jones went down, it'd be pie time, but there's little backup outside of that and very little off the bench as it is...meh...

Did someone say pie time?

It's hard to get too worked up when Lidge and Izzy keep trading blown saves. Go Bucs!

Maybe Jerry Hairston can't hit too well, but all he has to do is perform better than Jones's .227 lifetime avg. against lefties and we're all good. It's not asking too much really. 100 points of OPS (from 600 to 700) would be a huge improvement.

Hairston - career OPS vs. LHP: .715 (slightly better than overall OPS of .705).

Jock - career OPS vs. LHP: .612 (much worse than overall OPS of .781).

Hairston is an obviously better choice at LHP in RF, though I am not a hug fan of Hairston's arm being in RF.

There's your hit, or at least some runs!! Can someone explain what happened?

I love seeing opposing pitchers get hurt by walks. It is good to know that it isn't just us.

I'm surprised Dusty has left Guzman in this long...this young pitcher just doesn't seem to have the command and control that is needed. He is lucky that he is going up against a team full of rookies. I would like to see Dusty give Rich Hill a try as a starter this year.

3 runs on 1 hit so far for the Cubbies? What the!?

Scott...I was thinking the same thing. Especially with him hitting here. it would seem like an obvious place to pinch hit here.

He has already thrown 87 pitches. He will be lucky to make it through the 6th.

Regarding the subject of why there isn't a viable option for platooning Jones, see one of the hot summer topics on this board... the concept of "Dustyproofing" the roster. The idea was we didn't want any 4th outfielder even remotely competent for fear of Dusty benching Murton the first time he went hitless.

Of course now, I think if Dusty benched Murton, he might just have to escape town in disguise for his own safety, so maybe time for Hendry to step up and find somebody.

What the hell? Dusty let Guzman hit, and then pulled him?


The Cubs have signed Jones to a three-year, $16 million contract...that's a lot of money for the kind of performance we're getting from Jones so far this year. Look at young Murton who probably makes a small fraction of what Jones makes. Matt Murton is a great clutch hitter and a smart fielder - we need more players like him.

Dave - on the radio Ron said they let Guz hit since they have 12 pitchers and it's early, you don't want to waste a bench spot this early in the game.

As Santo explained, we are short a position player. He didn't want to use one at this point.

Than pinch hit Zambrano!

Nolasco! Oh, the injustice! The inhumanity! Joe Girardi is tearing apart my heart.

Let's hope the Cubbies tear apart young Ricky.

Just because you CAN do a double switch doesn't mean you HAVE TO do a double switch. Dusty just cost us two runs.

Just when you think Dusty can't make any worse of a double switch . . . !!

And if Hairston reaches, he'll have to take out Howry BECAUSE he made the already-harmful double-switch. How is it that the general "wisdom" on this guy is that he's a good manager.

We can play winning baseball this season, and there's no limit to how far we can go--but it'll all be IN SPITE OF Dusty.

Young Murton comes thru for the Cubs again...2 RBIs in every game in this series...We need some other players to step up to the plate with clutch hits.

Hairston remains the most clueless player on the team. Earlier in the game, he swung at a pitch out of the strike zone after the pitcher had thrown 5+ balls in a row. He attempts a steal of 3rd when the risks are great and the rewards are tiny (and is only safe because the third-baseman drops the ball).

And he looked absolutely clueless at the plate in th 8th. But we got two . . . oh, to come back and win this thing!!

Ramirez has been clutch, too, in part because he hasn't tried to do much. He's gotten on base many times with walks and, in general, been selective at the plate. And don't forget about the two big homers he's had in this series.

I wish Ronny C. had let that pitch hit him last inning.

Dusty didn't even stretch Howry out to 2 innings. Why in the hell did he double-switch with Mabry in the 8th? Using Howry for 2 innings was the only possible reason for that double switch.

Today's events have conclusively proven that Dusty does not understand the purpose of the double switch. It just makes him feel like he's managing. It's like he's brain damaged.

Someone explain to me how Barrett is NOT hitting for Blanco in the bottom of the 9th?

barrett was having xrays just a few hours ago on his hand. he may not be swinging a bat this weekend.

Does anyone know where I can find the MLB wide batting average by count?

The Cubs Bullpen failed the team today...way too many walks...Not enough timely hits by everyone (except Murton). This team needs some more offensive horsepower. They will face The Brewers this weekend and they will need to play MUCH BETTER than they played today.

this game was like the dog turd that neighbors take turns kicking into each others' yards: nobody seems to want to pick it up, plenty of blame to go around


All the yahoo player cards have it, under "situational stats." Here is A-Ram's.

[b]Does anyone know where I can find the MLB wide batting average by count?[/b]

It's entirely dependent on when there are 2 strikes. BABIP. Though HR's add to the BA in 2-1, 3-1, 2-0 and 3-0.

This team needs some more offensive horsepower.

Come on...they scored five runs. That should be enough to win almost any game. The offense was not the problem today, nor has it really been the problem all season.

Mike - are you wondering what the entire league's batting average is on each count?

re: #8

jim callis is full of it. i'm not that high on williams right now. but he's a 24 year old starting pitcher with 350 IP under his belt and a 4.03 career ERA. he absolutely has value.

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  • crunch 5 hours 20 min ago view
  • My guy Addy

    jacos 5 hours 21 min ago view
  • oh, another a.russell HR...whatever.

    crunch 5 hours 35 min ago view
  • Dylan Cease throwing gas tonight for the Emeralds. In first three innings, has hit 100 mph six times, averaging 98 mph

    Eric S 5 hours 54 min ago view
  • Can I get a gif of Joe West's jowls waving as he chews gum?

    /Asking for a friend

    jacos 6 hours 17 min ago view
  • my gawd...that castillo-to-bryant pickoff was a thing of beauty. the knock on him in the minors being slow out of the crouch is looking less like a thing.

    crunch 6 hours 30 min ago view
  • bless your heart. *pinches cheeks*

    crunch 11 hours 26 min ago view
  • real shame I missed this week's episode of The Crunch Reporter.

    It's highly unusual.

    It does matter a little.

    It matters much less than you think.



    Rob G. 11 hours 28 min ago view
  • four winds field is awesome. it's crazy how minor league parks have "grown up" since the 80s/90s and that park was one of the late-80s models that showed a low-capacity ballpark could look like you're at something other than a highschool baseball game.

    crunch 12 hours 34 min ago view
  • On another topic....I returned to South Bend last night for the 2nd time this season (still haven't tried either the deep-fried mac & cheese sandwich nor "The Porknado", as the drive home is over an hour and that could get ugly), and was pleasantly surprised to find D. Underwood pitching in a rehab start. He looked good -- although, to be fair, these are low-A hitters -- fastball consistently at 94-95 (if the SB scoreboard is to be believed -- several pitches were clocked in the 30s...) and with good location.

    billybucks 13 hours 42 min ago view
  • he gains nothing, no advantage, no saving of resources, nothing...there is not a cost/benefit tradeoff...him letting the running game go on around him for others to control isn't gaining him an advantage elsewhere. it's putting him at a disadvantage even if it's not cashed in with a run.

    crunch 16 hours 22 min ago view
  • And out of respect for the rest of TCR, I'm done on this. I'm sure I'm not the only one in the other camp, but time to let it go. (Until the next Lester start. I kid.)


    Tito 16 hours 26 min ago view
  • He is putting himself at a disadvanage. But how much of one relative to the rest of his game? He's not Justin Germano -- he's inarguably one of the best SPs in baseball, issue or not. It would be more of thing to discuss ad nauseum if it constantly caused him to give up runs and lose games. But it doesn't.


    Tito 16 hours 35 min ago view
  • shouting down my points about lester with "well, it didn't hurt" is like saying it doesn't matter if a guy starts out walking 3 guys every inning as long it's followed by a K and a double play.

    it's like elevating ERA and wins to a high level while ignoring what it took to get there.

    crunch 16 hours 41 min ago view
  • I'm asking how much it has hurt Lester and the Cubs this year. Do you have that answer?

    I legitimately don't recall you answering that quesion, apart from the condescending silliness you just posted. So if you did answer specifically about the impact of Lester's issue, I'd like to re-read it. Thanks.


    Tito 16 hours 54 min ago view
  • if runner = on base and pitcher = j.lester then lead = large

    if lead = large then probability of extra base on following hit > average of mean

    okay, enough of that silliness...

    ...you can read more on the thread i copy/pasted this from the last time you decided you needed to talk to me about me.

    crunch 17 hours 1 min ago view