Cubs Select Kyle Schwarber

So the big 3 pitchers went to the first 3 picks - Aiken to Astros, Kolek to Marlins and Rodon slips to White Sox. That left the Cubs in the position to do pretty much whatever they want. The reality is that after the first 3 picks, there was no obvious #4, or 5 or 6 or 7. Some guys really liked Nick Gordon and Alex Jackson, but they're projectable high schoolers and if they were sure things, let's face it, they'd be going top 3. No one passes a sure thing bat for pitching unless it's Strasburg coming out for the draft and that's what the 3 teams just did ahead of the Cubs.

So the Cubs had their pick of the rest of the bunch and they ended up taking the player they "claim" to be #2 on their draft board in C/OF/1B Kyle Schwarber (#1 was Aiken). Draft junkies aren't buying that, but hell with them. If baseball teams ran their teams by mock drafts and twitter they should all get fired. Here's what we know about Schwarber and that is that he can rake...a left-handed hitter with a good power/patience profile. College stats don't mean much, but they're as ridiculous as you expect. Now is the bat just good enough for a catcher or is it good enough to play the outfield or first base? Well that's the question because there are very few that believe that Schwarber will stay behind the plate and he doesn't seem to be the physical specimen that would make much of an outfielder although being a catcher and all, he should at least have a solid arm out there.

McLeod talked up his bat, calling him the surest bet in the draft, someone who does all the things the Cub want from a hitter in terms of controlling the strike zone, hitting for power and hitting for average and said his make-up is off the charts which has been a reoccuring theme with their other 2 top picks (Almora and Bryant). Added bonus is that the Cubs will likely save a little on this pick once Schwarber signs and that'll give them a chance to get a little higher upside arm in some of the lower rounds.


<p>The rest of the picks so far... Gordon to Twins at #5, Jackson to Mariners at #6, Blue Jays take Hoffman at #9 and then Pentecost at #11. Conforto went to Mets at #10. </p><p>Nola went to Phillies at #7 and Freeland went #8 to Rockies.</p><p></p>

<p>Freeland was a bit of a surprise, some report that his medicals didn't look that great.</p>

<p>speaking of leaps, Brewers took Kodi Medeiros at #12, Callis and BA had him as a late first rounder</p>

his slider, though... he can be a bit wild, too.

<p>Schwarber draft video</p><p></p>

<p>when they put in the DH after the next CBA, Cubs will be looking good with Schwarber and Vogelbach :)</p>

Kind of a meh pick, but it was a meh draft. Ahh, Cubbery. Nobody does it better.

<p>who would have been the exciting pick here?</p>

Sylvester Stallone Jr. Like I said, a meh draft.

KKKKKKK-not Well, if my math is right he only struck out less than 12% of the time this year in 228AB's. No way he fits the team profile with that much of a low percentage of K's. I don't know - solid college players have way more success than high school draftees, according to James. And, everyday ones move to the top of that list when compared to college arms. This team still has zero #1 pitchers in the entire system and I really was hoping they would get a big college arm regardless of picking 4th.

<p>CJ Edwards says hi</p>

He does? He is a #1 Ace prospect? I didn't know ROB G. The <i>highest</i> ceiling I have seen for him, presuming he can bulk up, is a #2. Most scouts have him in the pen.

<p>misread your post there, apologies. The potential #1's in the draft were gone by the Cubs pick.</p>

No worries. Still curious, with the uber Vandy connection, what the Giants saw in Beede that the Cubs didn't.

<p>doubt we'll ever know, knock on Beede is command</p>

the 2015 draft, No. 1 pick says hi (too).

Ha! No way we will fuck that one up, right?

<p><em><a class="u-url profile" href="" data-scribe="element:user_link"><span class="p-nickname" dir="ltr" data-scribe="element:screen_name">@<strong>ESPNChiCubs</strong></span> </a> </em></p><div class="e-entry-content"><p class="e-entry-title"><em>McLeod, after talking with Schwarber before the draft, etc. : “We expect him to sign really quickly.”</em></p><p class="e-entry-title">Call him up :)<em><br></em></p></div>

I second that emotion.

<p>Keith Law scouting report on Schwarber</p><p><em>Schwarber may have the most raw power of any prospect in the class, showing plus-plus power to right field thanks to tremendous lower body strength and strong wrists. He transfers his weight well and has the type of raw power that could produce 30-plus homer seasons if he's able to play every day. He shows good feel at the plate, and a willingness to work pitches and get on base via walk, but doesn't have elite bat speed and there's a lot of swing-and-miss in his bat as well.</em></p>

"could produce 30-plus homer seasons if he's able to play every day" Will Capt Happy be managing him? Because he'll need to be eased very slowly into the lineup if that's the case, especially if there's a strong journeyman in front of him.

<p>Padres take Trea Turner at #13, Tyler Beede goes #14 to Giants. Leaves Erick Fedde left as guys the Cubs may have had any interest in..</p>

Hmmm...seeing the Giants taking Beede? Very surprised our former Vandy pitching director couldn't convince TheoJed to draft Beede. Not like the Giants have had shitty home-grown pitchers over the last 10 years or anything... Beede right now may have been the #1 pitching prospect in the Cubs system - or maybe 1-B. Cubs are so goddamn pitching prospect poor. But, catching too I suppose. Wonder what those MLB draft war-rooms are like.

it is highly likely LF or 1st is his future...though he'll probably get a chance to catch to start his career. it's not just his slight bulk that's the issue, it's his overall skills behind the plate. unfortunately, he's also a rather slow runner. that said, he's supposed to be a "nick swisher" type as a supposed ceiling...

Ok CRUNCH. I have not really heard of him much in spite of this being in the middle of Big Ten country. I just kept thinking, "Pitching...pitching...pitching.." and repeat.

i only know what i've read, myself. i was hoping for nola once the "big 3" got drafted 1-3. sure he's no ace, but he's a fast-tracked 2-3 type SP.

Yep. Great program, too. If Hendry was still here, it would have been a slam-dunk. As O&B says, let's hope they draft all the rest pitchers and hopefully one or two will pan out.

"Wonder what those MLB draft war-rooms are like." Cigars and computers.

and Fedde goes #18 to the Nats. the year of multiple high draft picks that are early post-op!

<p></p><p>Schwarber takes one out of Target Field, about :35 in</p>

He's coming into the system just in time. Bryant is in a horrific slump - I don't think he's homered in two days and has only one hit tonight.

Bring him up!

<p><em><a class="u-url profile" href="" data-scribe="element:user_link"><span class="p-nickname" dir="ltr" data-scribe="element:screen_name">@<strong>KendallRogersPG</strong></span> </a> </em></p><div class="e-entry-content"><p class="e-entry-title"><em>Had a prominent college coach tell me late last year <a class="profile customisable h-card" dir="ltr" href="" data-scribe="element:mention">@<strong class="p-nickname">Cubs</strong></a> pick, <a class="hashtag customisable" dir="ltr" href=";src=hash" rel="tag" data-query-source="hashtag_click" data-scribe="element:hashtag">#<strong>IU</strong></a>’s Kyle Schwarber was the best pure hitter he’d seen in 15 years.</em></p></div>

Tweet box has McCleod thinking he can move quickly. As a catcher? Or will they train him for something else?

<p>Mooney's write-up</p><p></p><p><em>“He’s certainly got the mentality and the makeup to do it,” McLeod said. “He’s got the will to do it. We’ll let that play out (regarding him catching). We feel he’s a really good, underrated athlete that can certainly move to an outfield position in the corner. His bat is really why we drafted him.”</em></p>

Thanks ROB G. They sure as hell need to load up on pitching now. Here's some other 2nd round names ya'll can check out:

I don't think it's a big deal they didn't get one in the first round. It's a crap shoot with arms anyway, for the most part. I bet they stock up arms now. It's a numbers game. Pick a bunch, and hope one emerges with a top of the rotation arm.

Now I'm kind of psyched about this pick.

<p>and Fedde goes to Nationals at #18. Cubs next pick is #45.</p>

Another thing really gets me - that has been discussed here frequently - is that "Competitive Balance" pick. How the fuck did MLB let this happen? What a joke. It should just be called the "Yankees Retribution" pick. So, in essence, the teams <i>with money</i> cannot spend more than "slot" - yet at the same time they get <i>penalized</i> b/c they are in a "larger" market?! Just bullshit to allow the Cardinals to win more Pennants and World Series. Fuckers...

<p>#21 pick is Bradley Zimmer, OF from U of San Francisco, Cubs selected him in Round 23 of 2011 draft.</p>

I like our draft pick! Captain happy is still an asshat. That's all for now.

<p>RHP Jake Stinnett, senior from Maryland is 2nd pick, they usually sign for under slot.&nbsp;</p><p><span style="background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0);"><em>College seniors have done well with the new Draft rules as teams try to find ways to strategically use their bonus pools. Stinnett has the chance to be the first senior to come off the board in 2014. Originally a two-way player who played third base for the Terrapins, Stinnett started focusing on pitching only as a junior in 2013. He's really taken off this season, showing a jump in velocity up into the mid 90s with plenty of sink. His slider has greatly improved, flashing as a plus pitch. His changeup is behind the other two, but he has shown some feel for it. The focus on pitching has helped his command, and he's able to pitch to both sides of the plate. There is some effort to his delivery, but not enough to make a team think he can't start. College seniors typically are value picks, but Stinnett has the chance to go in the early rounds based on his size and stuff alone.</em></span></p>,0,6943239.story stats... 112ip 79h 27bb 130k...2.65era...13 wp, 10 hbp...

'But their first-round pick, catcher Kyle Schwarber from Indiana, and second-round pick, pitcher Jake Stinnett from Maryland, might be the most easily signable top two picks for any team in baseball.' I'm pretty happy with both picks, but then I really have no idea. I guess I just like the approach.

i was hoping they'd go for nola...that said it's a decent pick with the only major possible flaw being that he's probably a LF/1st type. the cubs have 1st locked up to the end of the decade and LF posibilities are starting to look a bit crowded unless bryant can manage to stick at 3rd (and olt doesn't develop enough bat to stay there). schwa will probably get a chance to catch out of the gate in the minors, but his D/skills there aren't praised much. either way, quality youth bats can always be traded if there's a logjam.

Even after reading all the lipstick applied to this pig of a pick, I feel underwhelmed. Kyle Schwarber is the reward for watching an atrocious 2013 season of baseball. Repeat to myself: "Trust in the plan, trust in the plan, TheoJed know what they're doing."

Well if Jason McLeod, director of scouting, is right and Schwarber is the "best hitter -- hands down -- in this year's draft" I am happy to kiss that pig. On another note, do people think the Cubs will begin to sign bigger name free agents this off season?

Made my first trip to Wrigley last night -- by far, the most popular jersey worn was....good old #23. A few Rizzos and Castros, but not an Eli Whiteside in the bunch. Contrast that to a Hawks or Bears game, where most (or at least a lot of) people are wearing the jerseys of current players (ex. Walter, perhaps), and you get a sense of the fan connection to the current team. I must say, though -- I am liking the young bullpen.

I saw more "Toews" jerseys than anything when I visited a few weeks ago. That and "Jeter". Sigh.

Whiteside would need to be a custom order for you. I am sure you can have one made. You can then look like the guys who wear an authentic Cubs jersey with their own name on the back.

Whoops -- sorry about the bullpen jinx.

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